Posted: November 25th, 2022

sales & marketing project 2

SM110Communications for Sales: Project 2

Project Description:

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sales & marketing project 2
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In order to become a successful salesperson, you have to be trusted by the customer. Imagine you are a salesperson for Jenkins Auto Works, a used car dealer in Chicago. Your customer, Jane, is looking for a vehicle for her teenage daughter.

First, create 5 questions that Jane will likely ask you. Then, give a detailed 3-4 sentence response to all of Jane’s questions.

If you need ideas on which questions might be asked, refer to page 35 of your textbook.

Submit your 5 questions and answers (15-20 sentences total) to Project 2 in Moodle.


Grading Rubric – Projects

Grading accepts a start value of 100. Points will be deducted for failure to fully complete or meet the stated requirements. Grading: 90-100 = Represents work of superior quality (A); 80-89 = Represents work of good to very good quality (B); 70-79 = Represents adequate command of class content (C); 69 and below = Represents work that shows a need for development or improvement (F); 0 = Represents plagiarized work (F).

SM110: Communication for Sales




Project 2


Description of requirements

Possible Points

Your Points

Submitted 5 questions that customer Jane will likely ask you about looking for a vehicle for her teenage daughter.


Gave a detailed response to all of Jane’s questions.


Responses are 15-20 sentences total


Overall content has clarity and adequate supporting details


Assignment was submitted by due date



YOUR SCORE: ________

Instructor Comments:

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