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Overall, you have a good start, Mou. You need to develop the middle of your paper, and you’ve lost some points because the sources in your essay cannot be matched to your work cited page. 


Mou Zhang




Six Word Memoir: When will the Trade War End #Eng. 10620

The US-China Trade War


The US-China trade war, is very important and controversial. This is because it is a war that involves two of the largest economies in the world. Whereby the trade battle does not seem to end very soon. The trade war is very serious and bitter, in the sense that companies of either countries are banned from the foreign country. like the ban of Huawei products in the US which a telecommunication corporation among other firms and the ban of Apple also a telecommunication firm in mainland china. Each country comes withs some excuse to ban the companies but in real sense it is the war. Like Huawei was accused of spying on American Intelligence and Apple was accused on infringing Qualcomm’s patents in china. Therefore, different tariffs have been set by each country to hurt the business of the other country, like 15% duty on musical instruments from Chinese imports (Qureshi 2019). This has affected every individual especially the business people wo ad operations in either market, as the still continues the hopes is that these two countries will come to a resolution that will end this trade war. Therefore, for a Chinese national in America, this phenomenon gravely affects me, with the nationals that depend on these two economies. Additionally, businesses that rely on such markets have already felt the pinch of the war, that makes it very significant.

The main Idea of the Six Word Memoir is the trade War between China and the United states. Clearly illustrated in the Memoir this will be the topic of discussion. As a Chinese International student, my motherland china has had a trade war with the united states. Since the beginning of the trade war the exchange rate between the yen and the US dollar has changed. Every time I return to school to pay my tuition, I feel the impact of the war. China’s foreign trade is also affected by this war, if I remember clearly when I purchased American products online in china, I always find that the custom duties on the product are very high. In the united states, the trade war has brought struggles for farmers and manufacturers in line with the high prices for the consumers. in other countries. The phenomenon has also caused economic instability, although some countries are benefitting from the increased manufacturing, they are engaged in to fill the gaps created by the trade war. Every time I go to the grocery store to buy fruits, I find that the prices have changed.

The trade has raised great concerns for people in various fields, who couldn’t help but discus on what is expected or the future of this trade war. BBC news talks about the negative effects of the trade war and specifically focusing on the tariffs that have come up as a result of the trade wars. The New York times focuses on the tech firms that have been discussed before. The article mainly looks at the effects of the trade war on tech firms in both fronts. These are some of the sentiments of the war in various platforms. Like other discussion includes how other countries are affected by this trade war; some countries in Africa that are affiliated with the US and China are affected by the trade war. These are among the concerns of people on all types of media, social media especially twitter and other types of media.

The trade war started when the United States and China through US-China Relations Act of 2000, allowed China to join the World Trade Organization. China was given the most favored nation MFN status. At first it was seen that this would favor and advance the economic interests of America but that was not the case; later in the US accused China of not complying with global trade rules (Vlados 2020). What followed is that the US demanded that China resolve various outstanding trade issues with Washington for the, to continue conducting business as usual, this was around the year 2000. The issues mainly focused on china opening its markets, protection of copyrights and patents (as china was a major source of pirated music at the time). China agreed to look into some of the issues but later on WTO checked china on earlier allegations of violating global trade rules through tariff allocation (Hur 2018). This affected the economy of the United States as it was rooting for China in this period. What followed was a sequence of activities that led to the current 2019 trade wars that are in progress as we speak. This explains a lot and makes a lot of sense as from the popular research one is able to realize that it is a war that is between these two major economies. Through the library research one is able to understand the origin of the war. This is because such a Trade does not start abruptly there should be strong reason behind such a War.


The trade war is an aspect that has gone multiple American and Chinese administration. It is something that started developing almost 20 years ago. Clearly the trade war started because one party was offered a chance to build with the other and id not return the favor even after being offered some support to get in the WTO. For someone who don’t understand the history of the trade war would be hating the current president of America thinking that he started the war. But in real sense it started a long time ago, this is relevant as people will understand what is happen; based on the tariffs and other negative consequences of the war. This is why it makes this topic important, mainly because if an aspect is properly understood then the possibility of solving this particular issue is high. Well, the citizens cannot directly stop the war but they can push for legislations that can stop the war. The leaders and legislators are the only one responsible for making things right, so that people like international students or business people will stop suffering from a war that they did not contribute or know that existed up to about three years earlier.

The topic is important because people can understand the reason behind the struggle of the manufacturers and the farmers, the change in both the yen and the US dollar and how this war can be stopped (Adekola 2019). This can help to developed remedies for this war as it would help in coming up with the appropriate solutions based on the consequences of the war. Therefore, the war should be seen as an aspect that was started by our grandparents or other generations, therefore going back to the root of the war is important, whereby if not then the war will not end any soon.


I chose this topic mainly because it was affecting me at the moment, as a Chinese international student learning in the United States, it is obvious I am critically affected by this topic. Therefore, I don’t have the ability to stop the war, having researched the war gives me information on wat caused the war and the possible outcomes of the war, that I can share with other people and maybe it would change the direction the war if possible.

This assignment was incredible and inspiring, the experience can be best described as educative and enjoyable. My six-word memoir took sometime before had refined it into something that can be expanded into a research that can be discussed through the hash tag. But at the end of the day it is incredible of how this course can help someone combine various aspects in one assignment that builds scholarly abilities of an individual like in this instance.

During conducting research there are some challenges, as popular sources could not be found easily, while the scholarly sources were easily found through the directions offered in the library. At the end of the day it was challenging in getting the resources, using them and evaluating them as some had misinformation. There were challenge sin accessing information like for example a popular resource the New York times required subscription before displaying the whole discussion on the trade wars. Additionally, the popular resources had inadequate or inaccurate information, which meant going through various sources so that to establish a base story for all the sources. Apart from these challenges there was no other challenge seen during the search of the sources.

The most important thing learnt in this exercise that can be used in future academic writing is there is always new information out there that has not been utilized. On this research I was taking another direction in the approach but ultimately around some new information that change the direction of the research. This means that there is a lot of information out there and through research needs to be don eon order to come up with the best that can be found.

There are parts of the academic writing process that still need practice and basically is the arrangement of the academic paper. Arranging facts and findings to the point that they can create a good academic paper is a bit challenging. Additionally, the process of finding the perfect source or a research paper is something that also needs practice which will perfected with time. this is because the arrangement of an academic paper is important sone can be able to arrange their discussion in manner that the person who will use it or look at it will get something out of the paper. If that is not the case ten it means it’s just a waste of resources and time to gather information in a manner that cannot be used. For instance, this US-China trade was research can be helpful to a lot of people but if its arrangement is not point then it will not help anyone.


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