Posted: February 11th, 2023

Resumes, Cover Letters and Job Applications

It is estimated that hiring organizations only spend 90 seconds scanning a resume before determining whether it’s worth looking at further. As such the successful job applicant must make sure their resumes are designed to fit the job for which they are applying. “One size fits all” is no longer applicable to resumes. Bland and general also no longer apply as the information in resumes must be written using action verbs, and identify accomplishments and achievements rather than simply describe previously held positions and responsibilities.There are three basic types of resumes:Functional Chronological, andMixed (hybrid) Oftentimes, CVs (curriculum vitaes) may be required.Using the internet, conduct research on each type of resume and a CV. For this assignment explain:The purpose for each type of resume, how they differ, and when you personally would use each type or resume or CV (prepare a separate paragraph describing each and how you would use each).Identify the primary type of resume and/or CV you expect to use in your job search and career progression.Explain how often a resume and/or CV should be updated (support your answer).Choose 1 or 2: If you have a resume and/or CV, are you comfortable with the format and the information contained within it?   If not, when do you think you should start revising and preparing your resume and/or CV?If you don’t currently have a resume and/or CV, explain why. Then identify at what point you should start drafting and preparing a resume and/or CV for your eventual job search. Make sure you explain all answers in detail and avoid generalities.You are encouraged to use the Career Resources available in the virtual campus for resume creation and revision. Optimal Resume is one resource available to you that offers resume-building services and many other job search resources.Must be 3-5 pages plus cover page and reference page.

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Resumes, Cover Letters and Job Applications
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