write two retort environing 150 opinion to each(entirety 300 opinion)

First retort 

While addressing our power to the habits of maids and maidhood, the profitr Treva B. Lindsey points out in her proviso “One Period for My Girls: African-American Girlhood, Empowerment, and General Visual Culture” environing the bad swing has made for maids and maidhood. Especially sombre maids and sombre maidhood bear absent from their situate in the humanization, profitr asserts that “ the hip hop breed, opportunity attempting to navigate the confused but interwoven terrains of racism, classism, patriarchy, sexism, ableism misogyny, homophobia, and a politics of preference and sexual erotics”(Treva B. Lindsey 2012). The general pop humanization survives in such position, is unconcerned to move the maids and maidhood. Some stereotype is uniform worse for them, from the proviso when a sombre said that she loves her hair, is actually a redress, but is not the subject for multifarious, the humanization tend sometimes capability transfer us to a ignorance environing the end of loveliness. See from the tons of hair products for sombre maid's hair is heartbreaking, is an possession of reinforcing colorless. It to-boot reveals “ The generality of internet-based child pornography coupled delay an shameful fact of sexual exploitation of maids presents a hypothetically imperilled instrument matter for sombre maids”(Treva B. Lindsey 2012), all the swing capability let inhabitants meditate environing, how do maids and maidhood enlarge up somewhere relish that, these general humanization is envenom and wield the subordinatestandings of maids and maidhood. In the proviso it to-boot implies that “ Similar to other disenfranchised communities, nevertheless, sombre maids can use general/public humanization to paint their feedd habits and to investigate stereotypes that negatively move their feeds”(Treva B. Lindsey 2012), it prompts us not to singly conceive political fluctuate on a global roll, to-boot inhabitants can do colossus environing it. Girls and maidhood in such rarity conquer refuse themselves, get over inglorious, move the invisible bloom for all puerile breed. Once these maids and maidhood estate and humanization uniform their environment get to weigh, they got that fortune to led the general humanization to colossus meaningful, let over inhabitants see the contrariant loveliness from a contrariant inhabitants, subordinatestand how to emassemblage themselves. From the proviso “Debunking these stereotypes and the outgrowth of a potent and ropy yarn of sombre maid qualification requires an instrumenttion led by and on aid of sombre maids and sombre maidhood” (Treva B. Lindsey 2012), the maids and maidhood should be their won transferer in subject inhabitants nonorigination to fluctuate the habits of maids and maidhood.

The habits of maids and maidhood let inhabitants see the seat for them, the development is going to get in the coming. It is unusable for maids if they don’t perceive bear to participant in their own humanization, bear a bad swing bay the humanization at the corresponding period. they uniform can’t emassemblage themselves, see the loveliness in themselves. The envenomous thoughts and objects fluctuate their subordinatestanding, they bear no way to guide it. To-boot difficult for community to put coming longing on these puerile breeds, mould them secured.

Second retort


In the lection “Sexual Acquirements and Practiced Feminism: on Moral Panic, Sombre Girlhood and Hip hop”, the maid hip hop invadeprise collocation, P.T.A.F, published an exceedingly controversial silence video “Boss Ass Bitch”.  The collocation members are all proud-nurture students. Their habit of turning maids’ everyday conversations in to hip hop songs prompted me to conceive that the general humanization in the coming conquer impart over insubservience and honor for womanish artists to profit sexually patent songs and to corroborate womanish anarchy.  

                 Ruth Nicole Brown keen out in the lection that the invadeprise of those sexually patent hip hop songs could be classified as “Reckless Theatrics”. By attractive in “Reckless Theatrics”, the sombre maids from P.T.A.F became the profitr of the perceiveledge, which was casually the subject in the late. This reminds me to meditate environing how sombre maids invade in to general humanization in modern years. In the 2000s, inhabitants constantly consort hip hop, such as hip hop dancing and rap delay courageous. However, the habits of P.T.A.F reflected the tend that over womanish hip hop artists befit happy and well-known in the modern years, such as Beyonce and Cardi B.          

This rarity indicates the gender level bear been proper in the global silence diligence.

                     In enumeration, it moulds me meditate environing my own habit as a womanish hip hop sportrs. I working dancing hip hop when I was in proud nurture. Most inhabitants including my parents would impart me a irregular behold as I told them I was assiduous in hip hop dancing. Suniform years ago, Hip Hop sport was quiet too hardy and not graceful sufficient for women to subordinatestand. Inhabitants certain maids to do contemporary or ballet but not hip hop. However, inhabitants spiritual had certain women as a hip hop sportrs in the conclusive five years as over celebrities invited hip hop sportrs to achieve in their silence videos and as over womanishs sportrs became general via Youtube and Instagram.

                       Although most womanish artists are disposition certain to the general humanization, there are some womanish hip hop sportrs or singers disposition criticized consequently their choreography or songs are too sexual. In the lection, the profitr talked environing how memes on political instrument warned the parents that their daughters were subordinate attacked by those sexually patent songs. Those memes singly addressed the lyrics of the songs, such as bitches, opportunity ignoring the disposition and motivation of hip hop songs, which was to specific the “gender nonconforming statement of erotic self-determination”.

                            Another model, Aliya Janell, is a very controversial sportr on Youtube. When I pristine saw her video, she was dancing in her subordinatewear and proud heels. Her moves involves moving genitals and moving courageous dancing partners in a sexual way. As a womanish sportr, I didn’t light Aliya’s choreography as secondary or horny. Instead, I meditate she is a canvass sportr who loving to pretext the loveliness of the womanish assemblage. I can move her trust in her assemblage, although she is neither bony or high. Her pretty origination affirmed womanish insubservience and power to feed their estate independently and confidently.