Posted: February 11th, 2023

respon about quistions

Writing response and opinions about 4 different questions.Each respon should be at least 200 wordsHere are the quistions:1/Describe the job of a supervisor and list three characteristics that a supervisor must possess to be successful. Further, describe where in your organization supervisors come from (promoted from within, hired in, etc…) and how upper management determines whom to select for supervisory positions.—————————————————————————————-2/Describe your dominant decision making style and how differing styles affect you. Further, explain how certain decision styles fit better with specific jobs——————————————————————————————————3/Poor communication within organizations is often identified as a reason for low organizational performance. What other factors does poor communication affect within organizations? Please use an example from your employment experiences.————————————————————————————————————————-4/Team X is not producing at the desire level. The supervisor, David Derby, does not like dissent. He is proud of “running a tight ship” in which his word is final and not open for discussion. Unfortunately, Team X is being torn apart by conflict, dissent, and bickering among its members. David refuses to get involved. His typical response is, “Bickering is for children; do what I say and work your differences out on your own time.”a. What do you think of David’s handling of team conflict?     Why?b. If you replaced David as supervisor of Team X, how     would you handle the problem of conflict within his     team?

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respon about quistions
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