Posted: October 27th, 2022

Research paper literature review

 Submit the complete Literature Review section for the research paper you are writing. Please ensure that your Literature Review contains at least five (5) sources published within the last five years. Do not forget to provide the complete References list of the sources used in writing your Literature Review .

Research paper title:  Benefits of legalizing marihuana in the US 

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Research paper literature review
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——Class notes upload in word——

Structure of the Research Paper

1. Cover/Title Page

2. Abstract

3. Introduction

a. Hook

b. Background Info

c. Problem Statement

d. Research Question

e. Hypothesis/es

f. Thesis Statement

4. Literature Review

a. Text- information

b. Going over Text that has already been published

c. Info from peer-reviewed sources/ trustful

d. Educate the reader on the topic, on what has been previously done or published on topic

e. Chronological order; Importance; Contribution, etc….

f. Should have at least five (5) sources/ references published within the last 5 years

g. References: research papers or studies from professional databases

h. Minimum one (1) page

i. In-text reference to sources should be made

j. End of list References

5. Method

6. Results

7. Discussion

8. Limitations & Implications

9. Conclusion

10. References

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