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Chapter 11 - Advice Governance and Retreat and Safety Functions Chapter 11 – According to the authors, retreat and safety go agency in agency; and coming, retreat cannot be fortified externally implementing just safety controls and technologies. Today, organizations must compel not singly cool efforts to exhibit refuge of retreat of basis, but to-boot must go abundantly raise as retreat breaches are prejudicial to its customers, tone, and hypothetically could put the audience out of office.  As we remain attainments from our uncertain professional areas of usage, its no waver that breaches possess behove an increasing anxiety to abundant officees and their coming operations.  Taking Cyberattacks proliferation of 2011 into treatment, safety experts at Intel/McAfee discovered prodigious order of cyberattacks on the networks of 72 organizations globally, including the United Nations, governments and corporations. Q1: From this discovery disclosure in our passage 11, little aver, indicate and examine the countries and organizations signed as the targeted victims and why they arr targeted. What are your suggestions for improved retreat and safety alacrity? 1-2 Pages in APA createat. Chapter 12 - Advice Governance for E-Mail and Instant Messaging Chapter 12 – From the passage balbutiation, we skilled that e-mail is a important area of nucleus for advice governance (IG) efforts, and has behove the most sordid office software application and the backbone of office messages today.  In importation, the authors supposing elements to living their position by providing 2013 scrutinize results from 2,400 urbane e-mail users from a global perspective.  The results involved that two-thirds of the respondents averd that e-mail was their jewel create of office message which surpassed not singly gregarious instrument but to-boot telephone and in-person touch.   Q1: With this element in inclination, little aver  and examine why the e-Mail has behove a accurate content for IG implementation? 1-2 pages in APA createat.