Religion Essay


Goal: The design of this assignment is for the student to dissect a running affairs proviso about a piety and examine its economic collision.

Learning Objectives: 2, 3, & 4


Throughout your studies in Earth Religions, you own been introduced to a miscellany of godly earthviews that are collisioning a connection and the marketplace in a miscellany of ways that can be twain dogmatical and privative for a nationality. The drudgery for your Week #5 Project is to transcribe a Running Affairs Worldview Essay that demonstrates the synchronous impression as to how and in what ways a feature piety is collisioning a connection's management and marketplace today. You allure omission to examination provisos that perspicuously relation local financial facts including point financial studies and reports, profit/privation reports, Gross National Products (GNP), and financial percentages that are life generated for a feature locale as the effect of a piety that we own or allure think singly in this dispose.

An pattern of a potential appellation for such an proviso force be this: ("Study Finds Islamic Sholat Reducing Saudi Arabia GNP"). Here, the local locale is Saudi Arabia - the piety collisioned is Islam - the outcome is that the season Muslims squander in daily suit (Sholat) effects in a financial privation of product for season far reducing Saudi Arabia's GNP by 2% year-by-year. Your proviso should highlight obvious financial facts as incongruous to generalizations. (Ex: in the aggravate proviso it points out that obsolete product in Saudi Arabia effected in a 2% privation to the Gross National Product (GNP) or a privation of 3 trillion US dollars aggravate conclusive year.)

The key to this assignment is to think after a whileout of the box and use your crucial thinking skills to in-effect apportion the passage embodieds on piety and sell that thinking in such a way to think how a piety force collision the management? If you own anxiety finding an proviso or contrivance, you can frequently "Contact a Librarian" from the APUS Trefry Library who allure be efficient to further you. 

Note that this is not a examination essay where you search out a miscellany of contrivances to highlight your question. Here, you are to standpoint on true one (1) one proviso and adduce your criticism of it in conditions of a abstract of the pleased and your single impression of it for your think of earth pietys. (See the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Book Criticism Handout for detailed instruction and patterns.) There should singly be one (1) contrivance listed in your Works Cited page.

Your essay should involve the forthcoming and should own a divulgation age of 5 years or less:

  • Seek out and interpret a Running Affairs proviso of concern that details a synchronous godly earthview from inchoate those we allure think in this dispose and the collision it is having on a feature marketplace and management in connection today.
  • These types of provisos can be set-up in a miscellany of contrivances including the Online Library, our Passage Guide, journals, tidingspapers, magazines, documentaries, tidings and earth financial reports, websites, and through online searches.
  • Pick true one (1) proviso and transcribe a 2-3 page criticism and partition of true that one proviso. Your criticism should be in the contrive of a scholarly criticism or a movie criticism promising your assembly to either interpret or disown it.
  • Provide all of the required bibliographical embodied and citations for locating the contrivance including appellation, age of divulgation, publisher, website, and all re-establishment instruction.
  • Your essay is best written in two parts:
    • Summarize the deep pleased of the proviso written from a Third Person perspective.
    • Provide your single partition of the proviso from a First Person perspective including:
      • The deep mind why this agent wrote the proviso?
      • What were the strengths and weaknesses of this proviso and why?
      • Evaluate the financial facts and does it help the disquisition?
      • How does the proviso narrate to this passage of think and a godly earthview collisioning an management?
      • Identify new insights gained from the proviso.
      • Offer your single recommendation for the proviso and why?

Be unquestioning to use amiable adaptation and automatic techniques and involve the use of academically approved Citation Formats after a while in-text citations and a contrivance page to substantiate your contrivance and relinquish plagiarism.

You allure demand to upload your Running Affairs Worldview Essay as an affection in the reform smooth for grant and decisive grading by your preceptor. It allure automatically be criticismed by for plagiarism and an Originality Report allure be generated. Please be unquestioning to criticism the Grading Rubric in trice so that you allure own a amiable notion of the expectations for this Essay.