Posted: October 27th, 2022

Reflection Quiz

– Reading and videos in file upload

– Reflection quiz questions in file upload

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Reflection Quiz
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Readings & Videos for Reflection

The Philosophical Bases of Ethical Behavior

Week 3 & Week 4

Week 3 Introduction (Links to an external site.)

Readings and Videos

Normative vs. Applied Ethics


Normative ethics (Links to an external site.)

Deontological (Principles-based or duty-based):


Online Guide to Ethics and Moral Philosophy – Deontological Theories (Links to an external site.)

Utilitarianism (Consequence-based approach):


Online Guide to Ethics and Moral Philosophy – Utilitarian Theories (Links to an external site.)

Virtue ethics:


Online Guide to Ethics and Moral Philosophy – Virtue Ethics (Links to an external site.)

How Ethical Are You Quiz Reflection

· Visit the University of Texas at Austin web-page

How Ethical Are You? Put Your Decision-Making Skills to the Test (Links to an external site.)

· Answer each of the 6 cases/scenarios presented

· Reflect on the following questions in a 1-2 page double spaced response:

· What stuck out to you the most about these scenarios?

· Do you agree with the rationale presented for each of the right answers? Why or why not?

· Do you agree with the statement that “we all tend to overestimate our ability to act ethically?”

· If so, why do you think that is?

· If not, please explain why.

· Based on this week’s readings and the assignments, reflect on the differences you may have noticed when answering the case study in relation to ethics vs. morality.

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