Posted: January 24th, 2023



Leadership Challenge #1: Motivating During Change

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In the last year, your organization has laid off dozens of employees as part of a cost-cutting initiative; more layoffs may occur in the next year. You lead a team of six employees, and although they have all survived the first round of layoffs, you sense that they are uncertain about their roles and the organization’s future. You know that it will be critical for the team to continue to perform at a high level in the next year – for the sake of your department and your team’s job security. How will you keep these employees motivated during this time of uncertainty?

Find 3 sources and summaries each of them based on Motivating During Change


Conduct research on your challenge topic. Each member is responsible for finding at least one source from List A and at least one source from List B to help your team analyze the challenge and develop solutions. Teams may also use organizations’ websites, the class textbook, and assigned class articles as sources, but these are additional and do not substitute for finding sources from List A and B.

Note: each member will summarize their research as an individual assignment

Source 1 from list A:

Source 2 from list B:

Source 3:

List A:

Harvard Business Review
MIT Sloan Management Review

Business Horizons
Organizational Dynamics

Academy of Management Perspectives
Other business journals – approval required from Professor

List B:

Fast Company Inc.
The Economist Entrepreneur

Wall Street Journal

New York Times
Financial Times
City-based newspapers (e.g., Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune)
Other news media – approval required from Professor

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