Posted: October 27th, 2022

public spiritually

(FYI  for 3 students )

You have been assigned required readings on spirituality in your course. You may choose one or more chapters from each assigned book to read. You will then write a reflection paper regarding your thoughts, meaningful ideas, feelings, and/or reactions, and the application of these to nursing practice or your own spiritual growth and self-care.

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public spiritually
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10 Points

1. Paper is typed in at least 3 pages, double spaced and turned in on time via D2L or email to your professor, with coversheet title page in APA format; thoughtful, suitable title

10 Points

2. Introductory paragraph is attention-getting

3. Spelling, grammar, mechanics, and usage are correct throughout paper

10 Points

4. Thoughts are expressed in a coherent and logical manner.

20 Points

5. Viewpoints and interpretations are insightful, demonstrating an in-depth reflection.

20 Points

6. Concluding paragraph sums up information, reiterates ideas and opinions, and leaves reader with a call to action or something meaningful to remember

10 Points

7. Pertinent reference sources are skillfully woven throughout paper without over use of quotations but, rather, attempt to paraphrase

10 Points

8. References are properly cited in APA format with no plagiarism.

5 Points

9. At least 3 references are cited in paper, including a reference from current class assigned chapter readings in Mauk, a reading in an assigned chapter in White, and one journal article of your own choice.

5 Points


100 Possible Points

Actual Points =


Mauk, K. L., & Schmidt, N. K. (2004). Spiritual care in nursing practice. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott.

White, E. G. (2011). The Ministry of healing. Guildford, UK: White Crow Books.

Journal article:

APA format reference that you may use for free:

It is recommended that you upload your paper into Turnitin on D2L to check for plagiarism prior to submission to your professor. Also, to check for correct grammar, use the Grammar Tutor on D2L.



Spirituality Requirement/Paper


Ministry of Healing

Spiritual Care in Nursing Practice

Assignments Related to Spirituality

NURS 466 Public Health Nursing and Population Health

Chap 12 Help for the Unemployed and the Homeless

Chap 13 The Helpless Poor

Chap 14 Ministry to the Rich Chapter

28 Ministry of the Home

Chapter 30 Choice and Preparation of the Home

Chapter 33 Home Influences

Chapter 40 Help in Daily Living

Chap 5 Judaism and Its Branches

Chap 7 Islam and Its Branches

Chap 9 Other Religions: Voodoo and Native/Indigenous American Traditions

Chap 10 South Asian Traditions

Chap 11 Buddhist Traditions

Chap 12 East Asian Traditions

Spirituality Reflective Journal Paper Requirement in Clinical

Clinical Performance Evaluation Tool that measures spirituality (spiritual well-being) in the student as demonstrated in the clinical setting

Community Assessment that evaluates the places of worship and spiritual well-being of the population.


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