Posted: February 11th, 2023

Psychology Term Paper

Submit a 5-6 page paper (excluding the title page and reference section) in which you discuss the origins and evolution of behaviorism and cognitive theory.For your final paper you will use two theoretical traditions and trace their origins to the present day. We will cover the other areas in the other aspects of the class (forums, exams, quizzes, etc.).This is a comparative paper where you will discuss the origins of behaviorism and cognitive theory, including the theories of the primary contributors for each theory. In addition, students will analyze the current applications of behaviorism and cognitive theory and include two current examples for each theory where the theory is currently being applied in today’s world.  The paper should include a minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles.Your Final Paper should include the following:Title page in APA format (Times New Roman, 12 font only)The below areas are the four required subheadings that must be included within your paper.1. The origins of behaviorism theory2. The origins of cognitive theory3. The current applications of behaviorism theory*4. The current applications cognitive theory**Note that the application sections of the paper should discuss how the theory is being applied to new situations.This is a formal paper (not a list of responses or bullet-points) in APA format 6th ed.  (Times new Roman 12 font, 5-6 pages in length (not counting title page, abstract, or reference page), the use of five or more references is required (other than the textbook and website), and it must reflect the use of course content and critical thinking.You must include an APA formatted title page that includes:Student’s nameCourse name and numberTitle of paperInstructor’s nameDate submittedYou must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement.You must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.You must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph.You must use APA style as outlined in your approved APA style guide to document all sources.You must include, on the final page, a reference list that is completed according to APA style as outlined in your approved APA style guide.Include citations in your paragraphs.Do NOT include quotes as they do not add to the critical analysis of the content.Do NOT write in short (1-3 sentence) paragraphs.Do NOT include bullet points or numbered items.

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Psychology Term Paper
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