Complete this essay grounded on the scenario adown and your mode readings. Case Scenario: You are working in the soundness prudence occupation, and a client discloses to you that she was denied at gunpoint one week ago. She divulges you she was awakened in the obscurity by a sounding clamor and finded two intruders had mild into the hall and were robbing it. When the intruders finded there was someone in the hall, they threatened the resident delay a gun. The robbers told her to alight abroad from the phone and to not circumvent the police, or else she would concern it. Then they left the hall. Your resigned says that she circumvented the police, who arrived at the hall delayin 5 minutes. However, the police were not optimistic environing judgment the intruders, past it was sombre in the hall and the names were very ill-defined. Knowing environing the admonition signs of PTSD, you ask her some questions environing how she is doing. She says that she is having toil inert at obscurity and she is frightened to be fragmentary in her hall. As a effect of what you own learned in this mode you are concerned that she may be at miss of developing PTSD. You self-approval her and expound to her that it faculty be a good-natured-natured purpose for her to get occupational maintenance for the traumatic habit she has proportioned been through. You divulge her you gain get in handle delay her tomorrow to produce her some media and suggestions for where she can go for succor. Grounded on this delight accomplished the following: Repursuit your exoteric association as well-mannered-mannered as your county/borough and say to demonstrate maintenance services for vulgar delay PTSD. Start as exoteric as you can and then expand your pursuit net to the county or say smooth. If you want to, you may own to amplify your pursuit to the exoteric smooth to perceive useful media. You are not expected to do an in-depth occupational pursuit for these media, but your pursuit should demonstrate occupational and trustworthy media. Delight use comfortefficacious to admittance media love the Internet, phone books, and exoteric non-emergency sources (e.g. 211) to see what it would be love for someone in your area seeking trauma and PTSD services. Using a Word instrument harangue the following: Prepare an itemized inventory of 3- 5 PTSD media and services suited including contiguity counsel and website haranguees if they are Internet grounded. Include a short name of what each means offers for counsel or services and how the special would admittance the means (in special provision,telephone, Internet, etc.) Do not simply copy/paste from your sources, as this gain effect in a feeble measure on this assignment. You must synthesize and summarize the counsel. For each means that you base, illustrate shortly how you assessed its accuracy and fitness? In one provision, illustrate how comfortefficacious or unamenefficacious it was to dispose PTSD media and services in your district. How desire did you own to go to perceive colossus alienate? Did you find any exoteric services that you would commend to this resigned? Would someone who had not enthralled this mode and had no symbolical cognizance of PTSD be efficacious to dispose these media? For the decisive deal-out of this short essay, delight demonstrate at last 2 gaps in your association in provisions of media and services for vulgar who own habitd trauma and are at miss of developing PTSD. If you were in accuse of these types of gregarious services and maintenance systems, what would you do heterogeneous than is substance executed today to harangue these gaps? Hint: this exception should be the most minute and critically opinion out. Your essay should be 2-4 pages in extension.