PSYC 341


Essay Instructions

The Essay assignments supervene in Module 2, Module 4, Module 6 and Module 8. Each essay should be in APA format and should argue the exactd quick. This assignment does not exact a Name page or Abstract page, but does exact a Reference page and in-passage citations.  

Each essay obtain re-examination a irrelative question from the passage and obtain so embody each question delay Scripture. Each essay should own a acenumerate enumerate of at lowest 500 accounts.

Using the Jerry Falcourteous Library, fineeded two full-text, read (peer-reviewed) life profession that at-once rehearse to the question for each essay. The passagetome may be used, but does not enumerate inside the two exactd read references. 

Essay Topics

Module 2: Examine Adler’s 3 safeguarding tendencies in the passage. Selected 1 of the tendencies and collate that proclivity delay instances of safeguarding that you discover in Scripture. Demonstrate how that position would own been improved if safeguarding tendencies were not used.

Module 4: Identify Maslow’s 5 basic certaintys respecting motivation as courteous as Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. Argue each certainty and hierarchy plane. Include peculiar examples from Scripture respecting motivation. 

Module 6: Review the exception in Chapter 13 named “In Pursuit of the Big Five” (pgs. 381 – 392) as courteous as the expression “Big Five Personality Factors and Facets as Predictors of Openness to Diversity” (Han & Pistole, 2017). Selected one of the Five-Factors and argue how this rudiment rehearses to an known lie inside variation as rehearsed to Costa and McCrae’s Five-Factor Model of Personality?

Module 8: Analyze the 4 vulgar elements in most cosmical restlessness according to Kelly (threat, consternation, care, and offence). Collate each of these constructs delay what Scripture says respecting these feature elements.

Selecting Expend Life Articles

If you demand support discovering read life profession, click short to acquire how to roam through the Jerry Falcourteous Library.

When minute Liberty University’s online library, from the Jerry Falcourteous Library settlement page, fineeded “Advanced Search” and be indisputable to fineeded the expend dates (amid the ultimate 7 years).  Under Show Only fineeded the following: “Items delay bountiful passage online”, “Scholarly materials, including peer-reviewed.” Under Exclude from results: fineeded all three options. To discover available profession, spare the pursuit by fineeding, keysuffrage or phrases to use as your pursuit parameters. 

The profession researched must be from read lifes. It is preferred that the life own the acenumerate “Journal” in the name (Journal of Marriage and Family, etc.). Ideally, each life that you re-examination should own a Methods exception as courteous as Data, Results, and Conclusion exceptions, but these exceptions are not exactd. Please note: You may not use tome re-examinations, repository profession, or online profession that own not been published in read lifes.