Posted: January 24th, 2023

Project Homework

Please review the attachment. Due in 48 hours.

Hack a software (does not have to be successful)

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Project Homework
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12-20 page apa format

minimum 5 references.

Pictures and tables included as well.

The attachment discusses everything. 

If you have question please message me.

Please don’t bid if you have not dealt with hacking.


***Assignment instructions 12-20 Pages APA Format (use the template below) Attempt to hack a piece of software something. (hack doesn’t have to be a success it can fail too) Due in 48 hours.

Formal Science Lab Report Template:

Use this template to report the data from your experiment.

Outline for all Formal Lab Reports:

Cover Page with Title


Explain in 2-3 paragraphs


This could be 1 sentence or several paragraphs.

Technology List:

Be very specific on software and hard ware. Version numbers are necessary.


This section should be more than 3 pages with many screenshots that are explained in details.

Data Table:

Google data tables to get ideas. Some experiments may have several runs that need to be in a table.


This section should be several pages with support from citation sources.


The conclusion and or summary is where you write what your found in the analysis and what you would do differently or add if you did it again.


Minimum 5 references. Use APA. Make sure to cite every source you use to attempt your hack. This includes papers, video, blogs etc.

Notes for Each Heading

Make your title unique and catchy!

The question/problem might be assigned to you, or you might have to come up with one of your own, research and observe at this point, and add your findings after the question. Why did you choose this problem if it was left up to you?

Technology List:
Everything should be listed here that will be used in exact quantities. If you find you need more or less as you carry out the experiment, make a note of this.

Use starting words such as obtain instead of get. Do not start each one with First, I went and got…etc. Remember another person may have to duplicate your lab, so it must be written in a clear, concise matter that will not cause error in their lab. Reproducibility is important for your experiment findings to be valid.

Data Table:
Include whatever data table you use. Graphs of results do not go here; they go into analysis if you do them. Make the data table clear and concise.

Look over your data, make and include graphs here, determine if your experiment supports or refutes your hypothesis. DO NOT be afraid of being proven wrong. The experiment is just as valid as one in which you are proven correct.

This section must contain each of the items listed below. You are now the one speaking, of your personal results.

· What you did, how you did it, why you chose to do it in that way, what you learned, possible error/flaws of the lab (you must include at least one), how you would change it in the future to enhance, improve or due to changing hypothesis.

· You can begin in this way:

In this lab I _____________________________because___________ . I did this by

____________________. I found out/learned that ____________________________.

Some errors that may have occurred with this lab include ______________________. In

the future I would (change, add, delete)_______________________to enhance the lab.

I loved this lab and think I have the best science teacher ever!

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