Introduction- The aim of the funeral services article or plan is to represent and assimilate the funeral performances of other countries.   The exploration article condition for this rank is the following: Select any three (3) countries of the universe (not the United States or Canada) and sift-canvass- The roles of the race in funeralization. The development of cremation. The development of 'green' or ecologically-friendly funerals. The romance and/or sales of caskets or outward entombment containers. The mental-pain acknowledgment and funeral performances of the citizens. The bias (or closing) of hospice. The principal displan and varied occupations of the citizens. The uncertain devout beliefs of those in the countries. The closeness of funeral directors in the empire and their job view. The performance of embalming in the empire (or closing thereof)   The article allure sift-canvass the aloft items for the 3 countries and should be typewritten and submitted to me on, via the SafeAssign attach below You may use any approved format for the exploration article (APA, etc.) but you should have either footnotes or endnotes. There should too be a bibliography page of origins.  Do not use wikipedia as a origin. please!   Formatting Requirements: Put your spectry, plan and minority sum, and assignment title at the top of the muniment. Paper should be no near than 9 pages - at lowest 3 pages for each empire; a title page and regard page are not comprised in the 9 page condition. Use one-inch margins Use 12-point Times New Roman font. Double quantity the assignment. APA Extract Title preferred, but any extract title allure be accepted