Posted: February 11th, 2023

project 1

For this project, you will work on revising the Leadership Development Plan (LDP) you created in MBA610. Over the next 11 weeks, you will continue to examine and reflect upon your leadership proficiency and potential, and share the actions you will take to enable you to leverage strengths and address weaknesses. In addition to revising your SMART goals, you will also complete preliminary and final gap analysis that focuses on the knowledge and skills particularly important for the MBA 620 projects. At the end of the course, you will revise your LDP to incorporate your learning and accomplishments in this course.POST EACH STEP AS A SEPARATE DOCUMENT Step 1: Career GoalsBy the end of this week, you will revisit the SMART goal(s) that you created in MBA 610 and reflect on your progress. Have there been changes in your situation or priorities since you created your SMART goal(s)? Make any needed changes to the goal(s) in your LDPStep 2: Gap Analysis you should complete the following items:Use this Gap Analysis Instrument to self-evaluate your course-related knowledge and skills before beginning work on the other projects in this course.From each major category, select a gap you would like to work on reducing during the next 10 weeks to help you achieve your long-term career goal. List each of your four gaps in the appropriate section of the LDP template.Decide what activities you will engage in to acquire/hone the knowledge and skills you have identified. Think creatively (use “outside the box” thinking) and consider all appropriate activities/tasks such as conferences, books, free online classes, mentorship, coaching, observation, professional associations and groups, networking, volunteering, journaling, etc.In the LDP template, briefly explain the action you intend to take this semester for each of your four gaps. This resource provides an example of a gap and possible action.Upload your updated Leadership Development Plan (LDP) to the dropbox below.Step 3: Leadership and Personal Effectivenessyou should complete the following items:Read about the relationship between leadership and personal effectiveness.Review the LDP you completed at the end of MBA 610, highlighting the activities you have completed successfully in green and those remaining in yellow.Revisit the readings on assessments and reflect on their implications for your personal leadership development.Review and reflect on the feedback and suggestions you receive from your instructor as you proceed with Steps 4 and 5.Upload your Reflections in the dropbox below (about 200 to 300 words).Step 4: Complete Gap AnalysisNow that you are aware of the factors that impact your personal leadership effectiveness, complete the following items:Complete your end-of-course gap analysis using the same instrument as in Week 1.Take note of all changes, including those in the four gaps selected in Week 1.In your Assignment Folder, post a copy of your final gap analysis, including a maximum 250-word summary of lessons you learned by completing and thinking about this gap analysis.

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project 1
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