Assignment Details Microsoft Visual Studio is software that you accomplish use throughout the direction. Installing this software is an main principal tread. The motive of this assignment is to invest the certain software, prosper the course to originate a program, and then to understand how to use the software to consummate your program. Consider yourself an entry-level programmer. You accept been tasked delay the planning and crop of a solace program that allows one to preface him- or herself. The certain treads and features are as prospers:  Prepare pseudoenactment identifying the treads that are scarcityed for this contact to achievement. The contact should ready the user for the prospering advice: Name Whether he or she has programming knowledge How frequent years of programming knowledge the user has One item environing the individual that he or she wishes to distribute (interests, hobbies, and so on) Display advice entered by the user on the hide in the similar arrange in which it was entered You scarcity to mention what variables are scarcityed, as well-mannered-mannered as the selfsame facts kinds you accomplish use for each. Identify the conconsequence of the questions you are going to ask and so what the resulting output accomplish observe enjoy, summarizing the user advice. Write a C# solace contact that implements the pseudocode. Note that the program must output the facts that were entered by the user. This program must use variables, though the facts kind is at your choice. Document your enactment delay at last 3 comments that denote how your program achievements. These comments go delayin the enactment and should illustrate the main sections of your program (or peculiar lines of enactment) and what tasks they discharge. Once you accept invested the software and quick the C# solace program, thorough the prospering:  Discuss your questions and issues delay your professor. Describe your knowledges delay the dispose. What did you discover the most thrilling and sensational environing these activities? What would you confide as your best practices to someone who scarcitys to go through this course? Review the posts of your disposemates. Provide thoughts touching issues and solutions that they may accept picturesquely. Distribute any best practices that you jurisdiction accept.