Your definite introduction obtain be Face-to-Face for Hybrid sections of IST 8101 and online for Distance sections of IST 8101. The DIS introduction must be a Microsoft Office PowerPoint polish (.ppt or .pptx) uploaded to Blackboard anterior to the initiation of Week 15's collocate. Be indisputable to resurvey the Introduction Rubric precedently completing the assignment. Students outside introductions uploaded to Blackboard precedently the initiate of collocate obtain not exhibit their production. The introduction must be between 10 and 15 minutes covering the aftercited information: Project introduction Description of the upshot, design, problem Overview, at meanest, 4 Iterations for Action Research or the Results, Discussion, and Conclusions for Traditional Research Overview of what went polite in the design Overview of what could be improved Overview of what you knowing encircling: Project management Following procedures Yourself Do not grasp what you knowing encircling programming, programming languages, applications, or any other technical exposure of your research