PowerPoint presentation

  Explore the indelicate drift of IT uses for a soundness prevention affordr to further similarity to prevention, classify absorbs, and reform outcomes of prevention. Develop a PowerPoint scheme to approve the applianceation of a telesoundness program to reform the organization’s outreach and add rate to their services. Use the instrument aidful in this continuity to aid after a while strategic planning, budgeting, and classifications applianceation. Create a PowerPoint Presentation (8-10 slides), after a while logician notes, in which you oration the following: 1. What is telehealth? Describe the multitudinous stamps and uses of telehealth. 2. Picked a stamp of telesoundness outreach to approve for crop to your affordr. How can your soundness prevention affordr use a telesoundness classification? (Examples of uses understand: reaching foreign locations — agricultural, interdiplomatic consulting; classify/prevent rehospitalizations by increasing the estimate of resigned contacts and triaging resigneds; indeferrible prevention nucleus visits; physician practices after a while constructive visits, etc.) 3. Explain the benefits of the telesoundness classification that you picked and the stamp of outreach it achieve proffer, including the pros, cons, etc. 4. Develop a public budget (understand 3 method items: classification software absorb, applianceation absorb, and trailing absorbs) for the classification. How fur achieve it absorb to appliance, series staff, and hold the classification? Clear your office. 5. Develop a absorb/benefit decomposition. How can you clear spending on this telesoundness classification? How achieve it preserve, reform similarity, or reform virtue for your soundness prevention affordr and/or the resigneds who use it? 6. Find another soundness prevention affordr that has successfully applianceed a telesoundness classification. What can you collect from their applianceation or use that can aid after a while applianceing your classification? 7. Make a approveation favoring to your affordr and afford an overview of the applianceation plan/approach, domiciled on your address largeness, staff, services proffered, and needs.