PowerPoint Presentation

  For this assignment, order a PowerPoint donation to regularityion mid-level   managers in your construction. The standpoint is to acceleration the managers sketch an   effective regularityioning regularity for employees in their section.  This donation should feign an express donation that achieve be   delivered to the managers. You must localize the slide notes part in   PowerPoint to add orator notes to each slide; these notes should be used in   order to decipher or open on slide pleased as if you were expressly presenting   this to your hearers. Alternatively, you may add audio to the slides, but if   you do so, you achieve demand to collect a duplicate of your audio in a disjoined   Word instrument and upload it in Blackboard in restoration to the PowerPoint   file. Include (at a partiality) the points underneath in your regularityioning grant. Include an overview of the regularityioning. In conducting a demands dissection, what are the steps? What is the pleased of the regularityioning? How are regularityioner(s) chosened? Identify two constructional objectives. Identify two regularityioning objectives. Identify who is the target hearers for the regularityioning. What are their      lore styles? Evaluate regularityioning models. Which one would you chosen, and why? Compare and contrariety contrariant regularityioning methods. Connect the regularityioning methods to lore styles. How achieve the competency of the regularityioning be evaluated, and why is      evaluation accurate? How should managers secure assign of regularityioning?  At the end of the PowerPoint donation, you must keep one slide after a while five   evaluation questions to individualize the competency of your regularityioning.  Your PowerPoint donation must be a partiality of 15 slides in protraction, not   counting the epithet or relation slides. As aforementioned, you must add slide   notes or audio to the slides.  You must use at lowest four sources to livelihood your donation. Adhere to APA Style when creating   citations and relations for this assignment.