Posted: October 27th, 2022

power points

Module 06 Assignment – The Health Information Exchange (HIE)


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power points
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Your healthcare organization is preparing to participate in a health information exchange (HIE) with several hospitals in your region. As a supervisor in the Health Information Department, you are always looking for opportunities to inform your staff about developments within the health information industry. You decide to present information about HIEs during your next monthly staff meeting.


Create a PowerPoint presentation to use in your staff meeting.

Your presentation should address the following five (5) questions: 

What is an HIE?

What is the purpose of an HIE?

What type information might an organization share in an HIE and where does it come from?

How does HIE affect patients?

How does HIE affect healthcare facilities?

Your presentation should: 

have a title slide

have at least five (5) content slides

be well-organized

be written using proper spelling and grammar

reflect professional tone and vocabulary

include APA formatted in-text citations and have a References slide

tipClick for more options

When developing a PowerPoint slideshow, you should be mindful of how you layout your content. The slides should present key points, arranged logically, without extraneous information contributing to a cluttered look

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