Posted: February 11th, 2023

Post responses wk5

By Day 5Respond to two or more of your colleagues in one or more of the following ways:Compare the examples of the effectiveness of promoting a process-oriented culture in your organization with those presented by your colleague.Offer your insights on how to gain buy-in from different departments within an organization on processes that are necessary for the implementation of enterprise-wide business information systems.Expand on the ideas shared by your colleague, providing additional insights or information that will help your colleague more fully consider the issues surrounding organizational structure, information systems/technology alignment, and the manager’s role in the process.Describe how you might use the insights and information shared by your colleague to improve your organization.Please remember to use citations and references to support your responses, as necessary.Post 1The challenges that were faced with creating a process- oriented organization were the changes that were going to occur doing the process. The company had to make sure that they were able to identify and list any gaps or issues that may occur. Identifying any discrepancies or gaps early on would allow them to have a smoother route going forward.The requirements for creating a process-oriented organization are to have a clear vision and a group that has a very business-focused orientation. Each member of the group was trained in the basic skill sets of facilitation, process discovery, modeling and problem resolution (Raghu, 2010). They address these requirements by obtaining the necessary tools that would help expand on the knowledge they already had. However, when it came to the company’s maintenance organization there was a bit of an issue.When there is a change in one part of the company eventually there should be change within the entire facility because it allows for more expansion and value in the future. As long as there is a well thought out process and everything is aligned then making necessary changes is what will need to happen in order for the company to function at its best. What I have learned is in an organization you have to have an understanding of both IT and business. Without being knowledgeable in both aspects it allows for the company to not be as successful as it could be. When it comes to management there has to be confidence within them in order to be proactive in making changes. They have to know what changes are best for the company and when is the right timing for any changes to go in effect. You get only one opportunity to win this market… one bullet to shoot (Raghu, 2010).Post2The goal/mission of the creation of the Center for Process Excellence was to institutionalize the process transformation knowledge gained within the information services organization to provide facilitation and redesign services throughout the enterprise (Raghu,2010). After reading case study, I found that there were many challenges that Brown faced in order to create a process-oriented organization. One of the many challenges that he faced in the beginning was that he did not have dedicated planners and schedulers (Raghu,2010). In order to combat this problem, Brown named process owners for each milestone assigned team members to each group. Another problem that they ran into was the fact that the work that each member was faced with was very tedious. Over time, after gaining feedback from workers, the planners created standards for work orders, making the process much easier (Raghu,2010). The requirements for creating a process-oriented culture in an organization include communication among all business units. In Brown’s case, it was imperative that he worked with and communicated with all lines of business in order to get everyone on board. It is necessary push for the process-oriented culture throughout the organization. In my opinion, this is best because it allows for consistency throughout the company and it will help ensure that everyone is on the same page.            One of the lessons that I learned from the Pinnacle West case is how important it is to establish clear goals when proposing a new process. Prior to creating the process-oriented organization, the planners were not able to create many work packages a month. After strategic planning and goal setting, there were able to increase the number of work packages creating to up 100. In my current organization, I will apply this lesson by always setting clear and concise goal when implementing a new change in the business systems. I will also effectively communicate with all of those involved so that I can keep them abreast of the process.

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Post responses wk5
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