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Policy Action Plan


Your recommendation in the policy brief you presented has been accepted by the committee, taken through the legislative process, and is now ready for implementation. Create an action plan for implementation. Once you have your ideas outlined you will prepare an implementation presentation for the legislator to communicate to all stakeholders. Your 12-15 slide presentation should include:

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Policy Action Plan
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  • Any stakeholders (any individual or group that would be impacted by the policy)
  • Required resources and who provides them (what is needed to implement the policy)
  • Challenges that might be encountered
  • Time Frame (time frame should be reasonable)
  • Evaluation processes ( how will you ensure the policy is effective)
  • Summarize how agencies, personnel, and public involved in the implementation of the policy will be impacted. Include a description of the considerations needed for seamless implementation of the policy for all stakeholders.

Use three to five scholarly resources to support your explanations.

Include speaker notes below each content-related slide that represent what would be said if giving the presentation in person. Expand upon the information included in the slide and do not simply restate it. Please ensure the speaker notes include 75 words per slide.

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Florenjane Domingo-Tangco


 1360 Words  

of ADA Policy
By Loren Domingo-Tangco

Action plan
Should state the goal or purpose of the policy
State the stakeholders
State the instructions or activities in the process
Evaluation of effectiveness of the project

Every policy has a purpose, when planning to implement it is important to state the goals,
objectives and the vision of the policy. This is the guiding principle as objectives keeps
changing as the process continues buts the goal remains. Apart from that all stakeholders
should be included in the plan. The implementation of ADA is influenced by many stake
holders. An action plan includes actions that are used to implement the policy. It also
outlines the evaluation methods, these are used to determine the outcomes or results of
the implementation process.

Disability support specialists
Human resource representatives
Employees with disabilities

Supervisors and managers support is required for implementation of a policy. In order to
obtain authority to implement the policy, the top level administrators in the organization
must be convinced that ADA is for good faith of the people with disability. They must
understand the impact of the policy before they can support it. Human resource
representatives are also influenced by the policy because they are responsible for hiring
employees. They must therefore be familiar with the policy for it to be supported.
Disability support specialist’s advice the organization on the implementation process of
the policy. Finally people with disability benefit from the policy.

Required Resources
Reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities
ADA training
ADA coordinator hired

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 accommodation: accommodation  room

Comprehensive communication program

The law mandates that every organization should have a reasonable accommodation for
people with disabilities. This includes ample parking spaces, elevators, rails and wheel
chairs. This helps create a culture of inclusivity which attracts customer’s .ADA
coordinators helps development and implementation of the policy in the organization.
Additionally in case of complains employees can go to them without seeking advice from
third parties. Implementation ADA requires money, several changes need to be made in
the organization in order to accommodate employees with disabilities. Also money is
needed to train the employer and employees on how to work with people with disabilities
in the organization. Similarly a significant cost may be spent in purchasing equipment’s
that meet their needs. A communication network ensures that everybody in the
organization is up-to-date.

Sources of Resources

The organization
Federal programs

Once the administrates of the organization have accepted implementation of the policy,
they support the program by channeling resources to training, adjustment of
accommodation and hiring ADA coordinator. Research has shown that implementation of
ADA is not costly since apart from minimal adjustments to the facility most employees do
not require accommodation. The other source of resources is from the federal
government. The social security administration offers minimal income and insurance to
those who have disabilities. Therefore does not have to incur extra costs by paying them
higher than the other employees because of their condition.

Possible Challenges
Insufficient awareness of the problem among decision makers;
Insufficient persuasive power of experts
Too little acceptance by authorities
Lack of resources
Lack of support from the authorities

It is difficult to implement a policy without support from the people in the administrative
levels of the organization. The experts in the policy should therefore sell their policy to
the management and receive approval. They should understand the benefits and value it
brings to the organization. It becomes a challenge when they have minimal knowledge
thus little acceptance of the policy. The traffic experts must have very high convincing
power to persuade the authority into supporting the policy. (Frieden, 2015)

Time Frame
Implementation of an ADA policy takes time and effort
For efficient implementation it requires a proactive approach
Proper allocation for training and implementation is necessary.
The ADA policy should be implemented within 6 months

Effective implementation of ADA policy requires adequate time. The waiting time allows
for training other employees about ADA and also alignment of resources necessary for
implementation. Adoption of a policy takes time to be integrated in the organizations
system. It can take a period of 6 months for ADA to be integrated. After the 6 months its
outcomes can be evaluated to determine the effectiveness of the policy.

Evaluation Process
Effectiveness of policy is determined by three main evaluations
Evaluation of the content

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Evaluation of implementation
Evaluation of impact

The content of the policy is evaluated to determine whether it meets the goals of the
policy. The ADA policy offers protection to people with disability at all spheres, therefore
that should be the aim of the content in the policy. If the content does not match the
goals of the policy changes can be made. Evaluating implementation is very important
because it provides information on barriers and facilitators. If the policy is implemented
as intended it is going to be effective. The impact of the policy is determined by its
outcomes. It is evaluated whether it met the intended goal or not. Short-term and long
term outcomes should be evaluated.

Public Impact
Boosts the self-esteem of people with disabilities in the public
Improves public awareness of ADA
Improves the quality of life of people with disability
Promotes equality, justice and social change

When people with disability are allowed to participate in community activities it boosts
their self-esteem and also positively impacts on the public view. The public can now trust
them to perform duties just like other people without disabilities. According to ADA,
people with disabilities should not be discriminated, equity is therefore promoted by
encouraging inclusion and not denying them access to some institutions (Thompson,
2015). These social changes promotes equity and a just environment.

Personnel Impact
The organization can hire people with disabilities regardless of their disability
It boosts their self esteem
It reduces discrimination of people with disabilities.
Employees can perform the jobs essential functions with or without accommodation.

The ADA protects people with disability, therefore by implementing it in an organization,
the organization will be expected to respect their rights. The human resource
representative in the organization can recruit the employees based on their abilities and
not disabilities. Additionally when they feel accepted and included in the organization it
boosts their confidence. They can then work confidently towards achieving organization
goals. Implementation of ADA in an organization creates awareness, it also helps the
other employees to understand the unique and work collaboratively.

Considerations for seamless policy implementation
Support from authorities in the organization
Availability of resources for implementation
Effective action plan
Educating and training employees on ADA (Frieden, 2015)

A policy can be implemented easily when there is support from the authorities. This
support is gained by having high convincing power. The authorities then give you support
and permission to implement the policy in the organization. Aside from that, when
resources are available implementation process becomes easy. A proper action plan
ensures that the implementation process is seamless because it easily recognizes
barriers and mitigates them. Apart from that, when the other employees have knowledge
of ADA it becomes easier for them to adapt the new policies.

For effective implementation of ADA policy there are a number of stakeholders
ADA protects people with disability from discrimination
Organizations who have adopted ADA have attracted more customers because it builds
on their reputation

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Although implementation is faced by many challenges a good flexible action plan is very

Implementation of policies can be challenging, it is important that the traffic experts put
more efforts in ensuring that the policies are accepted and supported (Frieden, 2015). A
good action plan is flexible and can be adjusted at the course of implementation.
Organizations that have implemented ADA have competitive advantage over those that
have not. Because of their good reputation in equity, they attract more customers.
Additionally if the policy has been accepted by the authorities they will support it thus
making implementation easier.

A Human Resource Perspective on Implementing the ADA. Retrieved from
Frieden, L. (2015). The Impact of the ADA in American Communities. Issued In Celebration
Of The 25Th Anniversary Of The Americans With Disabilities Act, 1-24.
Hanzl, S., Meschik, M., & Sammer, G. (2003). Policy Formulation and Implementation.
PORTAL Written Material (1-75)
Thompson, A. (2015). The Americans with Disabilities Act. JAMA, 313(22), 2296. doi:

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