Posted: January 24th, 2023

Police and society


In 2 to 3 pages, 12 fonts, double-spaced, APA Style and Bibliography (outside sources) & page only (1) for references from e-text.

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Police and society
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  1. Introduction: Discuss the beginnings of police departments in the United States and include an example of how each of the following increases the need for organized police departments A) the industrial revolution B) immigration C) the growing crime rate
  2. In individual paragraphs, A) discuss the purpose of police patrol B) give a detailed example C) discuss the purpose of proactive patrol D) Give a detailed example
  3. In individual paragraphs, A) discuss the purpose of “community policing” B) Give a detailed scenario of community policing in action  C) Discuss the purpose of “reactive policing”  D)  Give a detailed scenario of reactive policing in action
  4. Discuss a “reactive” police patrol call for service at the scene of a criminal act, discuss A) when a specialist might be requested at the scene B) when a community police officer might be requested at the scene. C) Include a relative scenario for A & B

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