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due in 24 hours 4-5 pages. check attachment for details 


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The midterm paper (4-5 pages) will be a newspaper article in response to one of the readings from the syllabus. (Listed reading below) All written material should follow the following format: double-spaced, 12-point, Times Roman Font, one-inch margins. The assignments should be formatted in APA style. DUE by 11:59pm on March 18th Eastern Time. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT ASSIGNMENT IS SUBMITTED ON TIME.

Instructions: The assignment is to write a newspaper article on a topic related to America government that is inspired by one of the readings for the course. You should start with an introduction that lays out the topic and perhaps provides the reader with a roadmap. You should then briefly summarize the topic you chose. Most of the essay should be devoted to the development of your analysis, critique, and/or reflection. In the conclusion, summarize your argument and maybe include some “food for thought” or what can be learned from further study of the topic. As part of the assignment, you should interview a person whose experience will help get your point across. Include quotes from this person in the paper along with the person’s name and relation to the topic. Though this is a newspaper article, I want you to include ample supporting evidence for your statements and arguments.

Writing tips: Before you start writing, think about what you want to argue (e.g., what points you want to make, what evidence you want to present, etc.) and develop an outline that indicates how you will demonstrate your argument. As you write, you will likely discover new ideas and points that you will want to incorporate in the essay. In order to make sure that the essay is intellectually coherent, you must go back and revise. On that note, an essay is not a random collection of thoughts. Make sure to have a clear topic and good structure. Remember, if you cannot answer the 5 W’s, you do not yet have a clear argument. And, use transition words/sentences to guide the reader through your argument. Likewise, an essay is not an outline. So, develop your ideas. Do not simply state points, but expand on them/explain their importance and connections to other issues. Lastly, remember to put yourself the reader’s place. What questions would you raise if you were a knowledgeable reader unfamiliar with the topic? Revise your paper so as to provide sufficient information/evidence and to counter potential objections. Editing tips: Do not use slang, contractions, abbreviations, or text-message acronyms! Avoid overly long, complex sentences. Write in the active rather than the passive voice. When writing about the past, use the past tense. Avoid block quotes. Proofread your paper carefully

LIST of READINGS: in next attachment.



1) Writing and Citing – Rothman, J. (2014, Feb. 20). Why is Academic Writing so Academic. New Yorker. Available at:
2) Origins of American Politics and Polices – Wood, J. (2010, May 10). Tocqueville in America. New Yorker. Available at:

3) Constitutional Provisions for Limited Government – Dunham, R. G., & Mauss, A. L. (1976). Waves from Watergate: evidence concerning the impact of the Watergate scandal upon political legitimacy and social control. Pacific Sociological Review, 19(4), 469-490. Available at:

4) Voting and Representative Government

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

– McKinley, J. & Mays, J. (2019, Oct. 24). Early Voting Stirs Anxiety in N.Y. The New York Times. Available at:

5) Division of Power: Federal v. State Authority – Hammer, D., Phillips, B., & Schmidt, T. L. (2010). The intended—and unintended— consequences of healthcare reform. Healthcare Financial Management, 64(10), 50-55. Available at: .

6) America’s Civil Liberties – Nelson, T. E., Clawson, R. A., & Oxley, Z. M. (1997). Media framing of a civil liberties conflict and its effect on tolerance. American Political Science Review, 91(3), 567-583. Available at: of_A_Civil_Liberties_Conflict_and_Its_Effect_on_Tolerance/links/02e7e5323276f31251000000 .

February 20th – 14th Amendment and Civil Rights – Epps, G. (2015, Dec. 10). Is Affirmative Action Finished?. The Atlantic. Available at:

7) Legislative Branch and the People – O’Keefe, E. (2014, Feb. 4). Farm bill passes after three years of talks. The Washington Post. Available at:

February 27th – Legislative Branch and Political Parties – Everett, B., Sherman, J. & Bresnahan, J. (2013, Oct. 1). Shutdown: Congress sputters on CR. Politico. Available at:

8) Executive Branch and Domestic Policies – Guetzkow, J. (2010). Beyond deservingness: congressional discourse on poverty, 1964— 1996. The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 629(1), 173-197. Available at: ngness_Congressional_Discourse_on_Poverty_19641996/links/554c71e10cf29752ee7ee539 .

9) Executive Branch and Foreign Policies

John Jay College of Criminal Justice 5

– A transcript of George Bush’s war ultimatum speech from the Cross Hall in the White House (2003):

10) Bureaucracy – Johnson, R. N., & Libecap, G. D. (1994). The” Problem of Bureaucracy”. In The federal civil service system and the problem of bureaucracy (pp. 1-11). University of Chicago Press. Available at: .

March 12th – Judicial Branch – Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 (2010). Read through the case information here:

11) We the People – Monroe, A. D. (1998). Public opinion and public policy, 1980-1993. Public Opinion Quarterly, 6-28. Available at:

March 19th – Political Parties – Drutman, L. (2020, Jan. 2). America Is Now the Divided Republic the Framers Feared. The Atlantic. Available at:

12) Elections – Steger, W. P. (2007). Who wins nominations and why? An updated forecast of the presidential primary vote. Political Research Quarterly, 60(1), 91-99. Available at: ations_and_Why_An_Updated_Forecast_of_the_Presidential_Primary_Vote/links/568d006608a efb48d4bf24f4 .

March 26th – Power and Protest – Listen to NPR’s “The Surprising Legacy Of Occupy Wall Street In 2020” here:

13) Politics and Religion – Schwartz, J. (2015, June 8). Highlights From the Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage. The New York Times. Available at:

John Jay College of Criminal Justice 6

14) Politics and the Economy – Lowrey, A. (2019, Aug. 26). The Next Recession Will Destroy Millennials. The Atlantic. Available at:

15) Welfare State – Learn about President Roosevelt’s New Deal here:

April 23rd – Regulatory Policy – Funk, C., & Kennedy, B. (2017). Public divides over environmental regulation and energy policy. Pew Research Center. Availzble at:

16) International Relations – Hufbauer, G. C., Cimino, C., & Moran, T. (2014). NAFTA at 20: Misleading Charges and Positive Achievements. Piie Briefing, (14-3). Available at: ?_ga=2.142 595186.1578156890.1580082205-655531515.1580082205.

The American System – Eidlinz, B. (2020). We Shouldn’t Be Nostalgic for Jimmy Hoffa. Jacobin. Available at:

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