Posted: February 11th, 2023

Please make a comment SOC

Hello xxxx,I agree with you on this discussion.  I think that people are influenced by what they hear in the media.  I think that social networking has the capabilities of shaping the views and ideologies of people all over the world.  If a group of people are based on social networking then the views of many about that group can become negative.  Muslims are prime example of the way in which the media portrays a group more negative than positive.  In my opinion people are swayed more by a first impression or view rather than the third or fourth.  Once a person sees the first aspect of a discussion their mind is then comparing the rest of the ideas to it.  Many times this is what happens to certain groups of people.  The sad part is that Muslims that are born and raised in America do not believe in the same ideas as the ones that are born in other countries.  This country has created prosperous lives for many people that were not born here.  Not all people are representatives of a group and share their violent opinions.

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Please make a comment SOC
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