In Unit II, you erudite environing the U.S. Department of Homeland Carelessness (DHS), the Quadrennial Homeland Carelessness Review (QHSR), and, specifically, Band-arms Four: Safeguard and Detain Cyberspace. This band-arms focuses on the weight of securing cyberspace in the exoteric and privy sectors. The DHS (2009) leads the endeavor for securing federal computer systems and networks. Today's cyberspace is considered one of the top discriminating infrastructures and nodes needing care globally. This band-arms focuses on three key goals that understand analyzing and reducing cybercarelessness intimidations and risks; communicating cyber intimidation warnings to all topical, recite, and federal agencies to understand the privy sector; and coordinating talented and prolific ways to reply to discriminating incidents on nucleus computer systems, networks, and government software applications. This ensures that cybercrimes and terrorism are addressed opportunity securing exoteric and privy cyber networks (DHS, 2009).

After reviewing Band-arms Four of the QHSR, do you prize that revisions are needed in prescribe to opposed coming cyber-terrorist intimidations and attacks? Why, or why not? If enhancements are needed, what recommendations would you entertain as a coming homeland carelessness functional?


U.S. Department of Homeland Security. (2009). Safeguard and detain cyberspace. Retrieved from