After 9/11, one of the counterterrorism diplomacy used by the U.S. soldierly and our allies was to target the leaders of terrorist organizations such as Osama bin Laden through the use of drone attacks and other strategic rules of infiltration. For sample, Seal Team 6 delay the U.S. Navy carried out a counterterrorism escapade to restrain and choose Osama bin Laden into guardianship. The escapade ended delay Osama bin Laden entity killed. This rule of counterterrorism diplomacy is known as targeted killing.

After 8 weeks in this continuity, do you deem that targeted killings are an able and prolific rule of countering private and global terrorist groups? Why, or why not? If so, how? If not, why? How does this tactic parallel and contrariety to other counterterrorism diplomacy? How does this counterterrorism tactic disorder advenient threats of global terrorism? Reflect on your continuity readings, the item lessons, assignments, and your lore throughout this continuity. Fall your pose.

Your thought tract must be a restriction of two pages in tediousness, not counting the designation and intimation pages. You must use at meanest one beyond fountain to fall your pose. All fountains used, including the textbook, must be cited and intimationd according to APA standards.