Prepare this assignment as a 1,500-1,750 engagement brochure using the pedagogue feedback from the previous round assignments and the guidelines inferiorneath.

PICOT Question 

Revise the PICOT scrutiny you wrote in the Topic 1 assignment using the feedback you ordinary from your pedagogue.

The decisive PICOT scrutiny get afford a framework for your capstone contrivance (the contrivance students must entire during their decisive round in the RN-BSN program of examine).

Research Critiques

In the Topic 2 and Topic 3 assignments, you entired a requisite and redundant lore elegancy on two catechism for each expression of examine (4 catechism aggregate). Use the feedback you ordinary from your pedagogue on these assignments to decisiveize the fastidious segregation of each examine by making divert revisions.

The entired segregation should cohere to your authorized habit bearing of attention that is the foundation for your PICOT scrutiny.

Refer to "Research Critiques and PICOT Guidelines - Decisive Draft." Questions inferior each style should be addressed as a truth in the edifice of a explicit brochure.

Proposed Evidence-Based Habit Change

Discuss the connect among the PICOT scrutiny, the lore catechism, and the nursing habit bearing you authorized. Include pertinent details and sustaining sense and use that notice to design evidence-based habit changes.