Posted: October 27th, 2022


 Professional issue: comparing the use of ICT in state schools in Nigeria and England , Government policies on education that have affected either positively or negatively on the support of adding ICT as a teaching aid of teaching  in state schools.  discuss what have been done and what should be done.

1, Choose two key literature readings relevant to your chosen professional issue.

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Write a critical analysis of them, synthesizing important points and findings. 250 words

2, Using Schiro’s Ideologies, analyze the positionality of ; 1st literature , 2nd literature and your positionality under Social Reconstruction and Social Efficacy (schiro’s ideology)

 kindly note that the writers ideologies may be different from yours. but you must state why their literature is relevant to your work 250 words

3, Identify frameworks, models and/or benchmarks which can support comparisons of your chosen issue.

Critique the effectiveness of these frameworks or models, considering issues such as their underlying ideologies. 500 words

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