Philosophy- Ethical Reasoning

Complete Readings 16 and 17 (pages 115-123).

This balbutiation introduces you to a third ghostly system: Virtue system.  Virtue system is opposed from the other two for numerous debates; the  main debate is that it focuses on the essence of the special who acts,  rather than on the results of the renewal (utilitarianism) or the essence  of the renewal itself (Kant/deontology). Using one of the contingencys for this  week (these can be root on the residence page, lower Week #3). 

In three  paragraphs, parade (1) how a utilitarian would answer to your contingency, (2)  how a Kantian would answer to your contingency, and (3) how a Virtue theorist  would answer to your contingency. Do NOT merely afford an answer; clear-up how  applying the system would carry someone to a conclusion.