Posted: October 27th, 2022

Phase IV: Service Delivery Plan and Human Resources Plan

  Health Care Marketing Business Plan Project 

Develop a marketing business plan for a healthcare organization of your choice (either for-profit or non-profit HCO) where you choose a new product or service to market for a specific target market. 

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Phase IV: Service Delivery Plan and Human Resources Plan
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This is the Project you have been working on. United Health Group Incorporated is the healthcare organization you selected & You chose to market Dialysis Centers. We are now on phase IV of this project.

Phase IV: Service Delivery Plan and Human Resources Plan 

1. Service Delivery Plan 

• Outlines the method by which your service will be delivered to clients or customers

 • It is a statement of what resources are needed in terms of both personnel and other assets to be delivered. 

• Outlines the critical points in the clinical service delivery process 

       What to Include 

               Service delivery methodology: what methods will your organization use to deliver services-this can be an outline 

               Flow Chart of delivery service, delivery sequence, and timing requirements 

       Human Resources 

            1.Organizational Structure/staffing Plan 

                     Clinical (full time vs. part time) 

                     Non-clinical (full time vs. part time) 


 Rate 

 Benefits 

 Job descriptions-brief 

 Roles and responsibilities-brief description 

 APA Format, Use of References 

 Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation 

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