Posted: October 26th, 2022


For this assignment, we’ll take a look at how we develop our criteria measures. First we have to figure out what sort of things the job really involves, then we try to figure out how we might measure how well employees are actually doing those things (i.e., do they have good or bad performance).

  •  Describe the performance domain of a university professor–i.e., what do they do? Keep in mind that teaching is actually only a small portion of their job…they teach 3 classes or so at most, so what else do they do to fill up a work week?
  •  Propose a criterion (or several criteria) measure to be used in making promotion decisions (i.e., how would you evaluate their performance?)

    Since you’re going to be making a promotion decision, would it be better to combine a number of criteria into one (i.e., form a composite criterion) or keep them separate (i.e., use multiple criteria)?

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