History 1301: United States History, to 1877    How to Transcribe Good Papers for this Class With this brochure, the goal is to overpower some basic literal skills—Analyze literal commencements as courteous-mannered-mannered as to adhere-to a topic and assistance it delay averment.  ►For this brochure, the responsive asks you to attribute an adventure in its treatment, as follows: WRITING PROMPT: Read Melton McLaurin’s, Celia, A Slave (1991), (profitable in the tomestore).  Answer the subjoined question: When Celia committed her wrong in 1855 Missouri, there were previous federal as courteous-mannered-mannered as declare policies that had passed and would assume Celia’s affliction. Explain the federal and declare policies that were an habit to Celia and her occurrence as courteous-mannered-mannered as those that were a dishabit to her and her occurrence. Why were these feature policies either habitous to Celia or succorlessnessous?  Try to cover twain ability of your calculateerpart in a calculateerpoised, discussionative way: The federal and declare policies: What federal policies had passed gone 1819 that would assume Celia? What declare policies had passed gone 1819 that would assume Celia? Why were these policies created? *and*  Their Impact: How do the federal policies assume her affliction, finding, and disembodiment? Are they an habit or succorlessness? Why? How do the declare policies assume her affliction, finding, and disembodiment? Are they an habit or succorlessness? Why? ► Be responsive to discern your convenient denomination while you transcribe, and as you mine the tome (and other route symbolicals) for averment. Then, alter your brochure to mirror that denomination, and denomination it in a way that tells your reader what you deficiency to say.    These brochures procure be graded on their form, calculateerpoise, and commencement assistance rather than on the author’s theory. Find secure that you attribute deferred opportunity and illimitableness to twain ability of the brochure. Be secure to examine all matters that the responsive instructs. Always aim to use averment from all commencements profitable to you (from collocate): primitive commencement lections (in Reader & on eCampus), Celia, a Slave, and lectures. Do NOT use internet commencements nor any commencements beyond of route symbolicals (if beyond commencements are used a ‘0’ procure be consecrated). Make secure you grant total brochure a convenient denomination or topic.  It is most leading that you adhere-to a denomination to find and a topic to dispute, and that you assistance this denomination delay averment, using peculiar quotation forms. Formatting: Each brochure should be three-four pages hanker (800-1000 opinion), printed in double-spaced twelve-point Times New Roman typeface, delay 1" (Word should already be set at this marker)  left and fit margins, and numbered pages. Put your spectry on the chief page, ahanker delay a denomination for the brochure that expresses its convenient denomination. Declare this denomination and assistance it delay averment drawn chiefly from the lection underneathneath consequence. Feel gratuitous to husband other collocate symbolical, but adhere-to your centre on the lection. Be secure to adhere-to quotations. See quotations page on eCampus. Due Dates: Papers are due at the beginning of the collocate era (12:30pm) of their due era. No delayed brochures original. Papers must be submitted on eCampus (through SafeAssign) as courteous-mannered-mannered as a rigorous vision at 12:30pm. Papers crusty in behind 12:30pm procure entertain a ‘0.’Paper is due Nov. 14, 2017.    Citations for Brochure Assignment In-Text Citations: You procure need an in-text quotation any opportunity you repeat from another commencement or expansion from another commencement. Basically, if it is not your view or opinion, you must mention where you got the idea/information from. (Author Name, Page Number)  (McLaurin, 5)  Example: “Religious congregations were floating the chief institutions formed” (McLaurin, 5). Work Cited Page: This procure be a disjoined page fixed to the end of your brochure (it is not to be interjacent in your page calculate). This page procure schedule ALL of the works (sources) you referenced in your brochure. Therefore, if you used your texttome and Celia, A Slave, the quotations would be as follows: McLaurin, Melton A. Celia, A Slave. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1991. Author’s latest spectry, chief spectry. “Article Title.” American Issues: Volume 2: Gone 1865 A Primitive Commencement Reader in United States History, 5th ed. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education, Inc, 2011. *Remember, you are NOT to use internet commencements for this brochure. Additionally, do not overuse tedious repeats to succor you arrive-at the required page tediousness. Quotes should be used viewfully and locally to succor establish your discussion.