Posted: October 27th, 2022


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A letter from the applicant outlining his or her reasons for applying for this scholarship. Summary should include

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specific examples of contributions to the community and address the applicant’s character, attitude, academic

standing, extracurricular activities and/or any other significant reasons why he/she should be considered

did food drive at church volunteers at church, the mic/video person at church. Was in the Columbia Urban league from 5th grade until graduate to go to college. Feed the homeless, food drive, went to nursing home did a lot of community services with them. National honor society in middle and high school. A/b honor roll. Played football my freshman year. 4 years of engineering program in high school.

activities Columbia Urban League Level Up Program
September 2016 – Present
A year-round program that includes Summer Work Experience.
The program offers a nurturing curriculum that includes an employment and career-shadowing component, youth-focused workshop series, year-round mentoring and involvement in other Urban League youth initiatives.
Columbia Urban League- Project Ready
January 2013 – Present
Project Ready is a year-round academic enrichment program that includes Summer Work Experience.
· Project Ready’s goal is to enhance academic success and social skills development
· Project Ready provides a holistic approach in strengthening the academic, personal and social needs of youth.
· Increase youth’s ability to enter the workforce prepared for entry level positions
· Understand the correlation between post-secondary success and financial stability.
Code Day 2-2017
SC Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics
July 2016
YDA -Youth Development Academy Columbia Urban League
2013-2015 Summer Work Experience

Mom single parent raising two kids trying to work some receive disability

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