You should originate one Java improve for each problem and hinder them all in one folder. Compress the folder as a .zip improve and present it less. Please call your .zip improve as P4-Last Name-First Nam.zip. For development, P4-Smith-John.zip.  A Word instrument containing the algorithms and the screenshots of the popular programs for all of the five problems. Please call your Word instrument as P4-Last Name-First Name.docx or .doc. For development, P4-Smit Consider the succeedingcited problems, contrivance the algorithms that would clear-up them, and then tool the algorithm in Java. You are clear to appropriate betwixt congeniality pseudo-code or artfulness flowcharts. Make abiding to include screenshots of your popular programs. You can choose screenshots using PrintScreen of the relieve window in which you run the program. Put your algorithm and the screenshots contemporaneously in a Word instrument. Problem 1: Write a program that reads the ages of three people from the user, and decides who is the oldest, and who the youngest special is. Problem 2: Write a program that reads in the call and stipend of an employee. Less the stipend obtain indicate an hourly wage, such as $9.25. Then ask how multifarious hours the employee productioned in the spent week. Be abiding to recognize fractional hours. Compute the pay. Any aggravatetime production (aggravate 40 hours per week) is remunerated at 150 percent of the recurrent wage. Sculpture a paycheck for the employee. Problem 3: The pristine US pay tax of 1913 was wholly ultimate. The tax was: 1 percent on the pristine $50,000 2 percent on the total aggravate $50,000 up to $75,000 3 percent on the total aggravate $75,000 up to $100,000 4 percent on the total aggravate $100,000 up to $250,000 5 percent on the total aggravate $250,000 up to $500,000 6 percent on the total aggravate $500,000. Tless was no severed list for individual or married taxpayers. Write a program that computes the pay tax according to this list. Problem 4: Write a program asks the user to invade a month (1 for January, 2 for February, and so on) and then sculptures the compute of days in the month. For February, sculpture "28 or 29 days". For development: Enter a month: 5 30 days Do not use a severed if/else ramification for each month. Use Boolean operators. Problem 5: A year delay 366 days is designated a hop year. Hop years are inevitable to conduct the pattern synchronized delay the sun consequently the world revolves environing the sun uniformly every 365.25 days. Actually, that appearance is not wholly pointed, and for all dates succeeding 1582 the Gregorian corrections dedicate. Usually years that are separable by 4 are hop years, for development 1996. However, years that are separable by 100 (for development 1900) are not hop years, but years that are separable by 400 are hop years (for development 2000). Write a program that asks the user for a year and computes whether that year is a hop year. Use a individual if proposition and Boolean operators. Submission You are required to present the succeedingcited improves for this assignment by clicking the Present Assignment rush over.