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Read one of the Project 1 essays; then, repartee the questions absorbed underneath. Do NOT true transcribe "YES" or "NO." Give issues or evidences as courteous-behaved. ESSSAYS: Dan Branigan Qinda Wang QUESTIONS: Does the essay enjoy pictorial denomination (7 - 10 utterance) Does the essay enjoy pictorial subtitles (at last 7-10 utterance) Does the​ introduction​ bring-in the entire tractate. Is the subject proposition obvious? Does it enjoy a accessible conception? Is it obviously established and maintained throughout the essay? Does the draw (essay) enjoy a accessible conception, for issue, how the feature event/s (that transcriber mentioned) transitional the transcriber? Or what advice did the transcriber understand from the evident/s? Does the essay enjoy divers issues to help conceptions (subject passages)? Are the subject passages (subtitles) patent serene courteous-behaved-behaved such as subject passage > determination > issues (evidences) > helping points (sources) > images (if images captions) > etc. Has the tractate addressed audiences courteous-behaved-behaved (is the essay obvious, terse) --see the harvest and issues (your audiences are from all environing the cosmos-people)? Does the essay enjoy a good-natured-natured misentry?