Posted: October 27th, 2022

Nutrition Homework Assignment

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Nutrition for Cancer Prevention Calculator Activity

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Nutrition Homework Assignment
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Although carbohydrates are frequently maligned as ‘fattening’ and a high fat/low carbohydrate ‘keto’ diet is popular, avoiding carbohydrate foods means omitting exceptionally nutrient- and phytochemical-rich fruits and vegetables. Plant based diets help the body defend itself against cancer because they contain fiber, vitamins and minerals that are components of antioxidant enzymes, and they contain antioxidant phytochemicals. Scientists have not identified all the phytochemicals and their role in the body, but they have isolated several with known anti-carcinogen effects at the initiation and promotion stages of cancer development.

In this activity, you’ll get a chance to see how well your diet could defend you against cancer.

Go to

and complete the risk calculator. Two screens will populate once you finish. Select the control and print screen buttons on your computer to copy the results. Use the Paint app to edit the image if needed. Paste your results below (examples). Please make yours larger- the examples below are too small- only intended to demonstrate the two images students should report-

5 points per image

Answer the following questions

1. List TWO vegetable categories that were lowest for you and 2-3 foods that you could add on a regular basis to improve these categories (vegetables that you would likely eat). 5 points

2. List TWO phytochemicals that were the lowest for you and 2-3 food that you could add on a regular basis to improve these categories (fruits/vegetables that you would likely eat). 5 points

3. List the primary health benefit(s) of the TWO phytochemicals that were lowest for you. (type the phytochemical and the health benefit(s) beside it. 5 points

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