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The purpose of this discussion it to help you learn to discern credible and not credible sources of information on the Internet and elsewhere.

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Go to a search engine and find one credible and one not credible source on the Internet. You can use Yahoo or Bing. You can also use UMUC library.  Once you find both sites then evaluate each per the UMUC criteria, which are at the web sites below. Post your evaluations.

Once you have post you Week 1 Initial Discussion posting then go and investigate the web sites that your classmates have found. What are your thought on their web sites? You need to reply to two of your classmates.

Prior to starting this discussion topic, read the information below.

Locating Reliable Nutrition Information on the Internet *

The purpose of the discussion is not teaching Internet searching skills, but to show the mind-boggling amount of information that is out there, also to see if you can find some reliable sources of nutrition information on the Internet and to help you learn to evaluate the information that is out there. Upon completion of this assignment you will be to evaluate and identify a reliable nutrition web sites on the Internet.

Before you go any further, go the UMUC site on Evaluating Web sites at:

 Evaluating Sources at

Extra resources from the University of California Santa Cruz

Read this and print it out to use when you evaluate the web site that you find.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. We will discuss when we discuss proteins and amino acids. Unless you must follow a very specialized diet you can obtain them from food. You do not need to buy amino acid supplements. In fact it is not recommended to buy and/or consume amino acid supplements.

Now go a search engine

 “amino acids” or Bing

. What sites do you find?  Please list the URL so that your classmate and I can go to the web site. Are any of these web sites not reliable Evaluate it according to the five UMUC evaluate criteria.

To see reliable source of information go to the  University of Maryland University Colleges  Library Resources  page.

Once you get to the Library Resources  page click on click on Research Guides ( it is under Articles). This will take you to the Research Guides page.

On the Research Guides page  click on Heath and Medicine.

Once you get to the Research Guide for Health and Medicine: Resources page

 Under  Recommended Databases for Health and Medicine, click on Health Source : Consumer Edition.

Once you get there do a search on amino acids. Do not include the quotation marks.

What site did you find? Please provide the URL so that your classmates and I can go to the site. Evaluate the site according to the UMUC evaluation criteria.   

Now compare your two sites according to the UMUC criteria. Please post your evaluation to the conference room

Note: Do not be alarmed at the depth of the articles that you will find at places like PubMed.  You  may just be starting your University career therefore may not have taken many or any biology and chemistry classes.  Having a background will help you to understand these articles.

Note: This topic has its own set of rubrics.

 You may also want to check out the following link that link you will find a link to “Finding Articles: Finding and Evaluating Scholarly Articles”.

 During Week 1, the Nutrition Navigating Discussion will be available. Please post your two evaluation there. You will also need to reply to the initial post of two of your classmates.

You must start a thread before you can read and reply to other threads 

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