Read the scenario below Provide five tips to the ward to acceleration him get end on track Read your adjustmates' posts and labor to perform your tips uncommon from your adjustmates' tips. Respond to at last two incongruous adjustmates. Scenario Johnny's largest frugality of the day is advanced in the leveling. Twice a week he prepares his own hot dinners at his dorm. The other nights he eats frozen freedom stays, microwave dinners, pay stay, or frigid sandwiches. His friends bear mentioned to him that his eating manners may desire his heartiness, but Johnny has explained that he is an athlete and needs to eat the way he does to bear breath to emulate at a academy smooth. He has seen no vary in his efficacy aggravate the gone-by few months, either up or down, not level after a while efficacy inoculation activities. He has not been to the savant in a year, but as a ward athlete is required to see the savant unintermittently full year, and so he succeed catalogue an ordinance in the upcoming weeks in making-ready for lacrosse opportunity. Johnny wants to be the best athlete feasible and his friends' concerns bear made him contemplate environing his eating manners. He has visited you at the ward heartiness center where you are volunteering after a while the alimentation duty as disunite of your alimentation adjust. What counsel can you yield Johnny environing sports alimentation and his prevalent eating manners? Please yield him at last five tips. Note: Please distinctly demonstration your tips in your apology (if I can’t establish them, I can’t trice them). See Syllabus for Discussion Expectations and Rubric Use full sentences, redress spelling and phraseology, and decipherable and unembarrassed paragraphs. You are required to call your route instrument in these discussions to demonstration how you bear applied what you bear peruse. Grades succeed animadvert how courteous you bear followed these guidelines. I am sharp to see each individual’s posts and interact after a while you.