Reproductive Case Study Case Presentation: An 20y.o., sexually free, college ward has been experiencing dysuria for the decisive alien of days. At one object he noticed that a paltry total of yellowish release from the tip of his penis. He is in a connection delay his earliest sexual companion for encircling 5 months. He has not familiar any alike incidents in this interval effect and wonders if his companion has been monogamous. He made an enactment at the school clinic to trace solicitude. He has granted a urine instance for evaluation. Physical Exam: T, 100.6; HR 82, R 18, Bp 120/76. Yellow release eminent on penile area Low tail pain Unilateral left raw, swollen scrotum Culture was to-boot produced to demonstrate the organism Questioning arisered kindred to his sexual companions. Test results came tail unconditional for chlamydia. Questions: 1. Originally considered a virus, Chlamydia is now periodical as a bacteria. Why is this so? 2. Chlamydial organisms are obligate non-motile intracellular parasites associated delay abundant sexually transferred diseases. Why? 3. Why can this virus endure hidden or subclinical for years antecedently it is diagnosed? 4.  What are the tenor options for this unrepining? Note where you institute the token to aid this tenor. 5. Why did the medical professionals ask him encircling his sexual companions? 6. If untreated, what complications could arise to his sexual companion? 7. What order is needed for this unrepining to bar this from arisering again? .