Posted: October 27th, 2022


NURSING SAMPLE COVER LETTER Student Development & Career Services

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Sample Cover Letter

April 30, 2019

Dear Mr. Employer,

I am writing to express my interest in the Staff Nurse I position in Community Health at Xanity Community Services. My clinical experience in a variety of settings and my Bachelor of Science in Nursing make me an excellent candidate for your program.

Through my education at Corona University, I have been taught to focus on various aspects of individual healthcare, including patient care, monitoring disease progression, dispensing medication, and administering assessments. I became enthusiastic about working in Community Health during my clinical rotation, where I was able to see how nursing could integrate both technical and nurturing skills in order to effectively treat patients.

Even after my rotation, I continued working with this population during my role transition as a senior student nurse. I spent forty hours a week practicing foundational nursing skills and techniques, such as prioritization of care and communication, as well as compassion for patients and their families.

Through these experiences, I have learned to be a present listener who is patient, empathetic, cooperative, nurturing and able to communicate effectively with patients and peers as well as other healthcare professionals.

I am interested in this position, not only because I want to work in this setting, but because I know I would make a great addition to Xavier Community Services. I would be honored to have the opportunity to become a part of your team and contribute my skills to your organization and patients. You may feel free to contact me at or by phone at (773) 252…. Thank you for your consideration and time in reviewing my application.


Sample Cover Letter

Commented [WE1]: Header format should be consistent with your resume.

Commented [WE2]: Use business format including date, specific addressee, and block paragraphs. Do not use bullet points in cover letters.

Commented [WE3]: State specific addressee in salutation, even if it means researching who will be reviewing the job applications.

Commented [WE4]: State the position for which you are applying. It is also beneficial to state any associated requisition or job numbers, and where you saw the job posted.

Commented [WE5]: Be specific in discussing experience, degree and what makes you a good candidate. Include relevant skills learned in school and what attracts you to the position, experiences and goals.

Commented [WE6]: State how these experiences are relevant to the position to which you are seeking and what attracts you to the position.

Commented [WE7]: Elaborate on experiences and goals.

Commented [WE8]: Reiterate your interests, again being specific. Be sure to thank them for their consideration and time in reviewing your application. Add a closing statement, such as you look forward to hearing from them and provide contact information.

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