Posted: November 25th, 2022

Need Homework_Discussion on the topic

 Dear All I need to start a discussion on the below topic please right a topic and give me reference to submit my homework. 


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Need Homework_Discussion on the topic
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“Some employees have meaning, significance, and joy in their job. However, other employees are unhappy with their work and choose to spend an additional percentage of their life complaining about it. So, the employees in the same field and company can have completely different responses to the same job” 

1. Based on the mentioned above, how do you respond to your job, what are some of your strengths that help you to enjoy your job? Do you think changing attitude towards work is often far easier than changing job?

2) Based on youtube video



 A manager wants to increase revenue of his firm. Should he raise the price of his product? What is the basic philosophy behind the action? Please explain. 

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