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2, 3] [CLOs: 1, 4, 6]

Suppose the treasurer of your crew finds out you are enrolled in BUS450 International Finance. Knowing this, your treasurer seeks your information. Your crew has extra specie reserves of $100,000,000 and needs to endue it for 6 months. The treasurer has heard that endueing in irrelevant currencies for the deficient expression capacity keep a remarkable forego when compared to a deficient expression United States enduement. Inquiry the following:

· The US 6 month curiosity-behalf scold

· The 6 month curiosity-behalf scold of a state of your choosing

· The blot diversify scold of your selected circulation not-absolute to the US Dollar

· The six-month anxious diversify scold per the US Dollar.

Prepare a offer to your treasurer that outlines your inquiry and admonition. Provide calculations where inevitable to influence your admonition. Summarize your findings in a three- to five- page article, not including name and references pages. Be infallible to truly select your resources using APA diction.