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 CORPORATE COMPLIANCE and MAINTAINING ETHICAL BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS  Prepare the portfolio tractate using the aftercited guidelines:   A restriction of 8 pages not to exceed 12, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, using APA standard   Distinction page, including distinction of tractate, your indicate, route indicate and route enumerate, epoch of acquiescence (page 1)   A restriction of 8 pages (pages 2-11)  o Read United States v. Greber and United States v. McClatchey  o Briefly (1 to 2 pages) inurbane the basis of the circumstances  o Answer the aftercited: a. How, if at all, can you descry Greber from other instances of acquittals for authoritative services? What if the percentage Dr. Greber remunerated had not exceeded Medisolicitude guidelines? b. Hospitals supply perks to physicians such as preferred parking, munificent meals, and discounted solicitude for themselves and origin. Comment on the legality of such  practices. Where is the "line"? How fur is too fur? What is the urgent of these practices?  o Using online investigation, settle another circumstance involving acquittal for referral and parallel and contrariety this third circumstance after a while Greber and McClatchey.  o What commodities, if any, do the heartiness solicitude remodel laws of 2010 entertain on these issues?  o Include, in your tractate, a tabulation of your contact of Paul Tillich's faith concerning affection, susceptibility and reasonableness. Be infallible to amalgamate this after a while the subject of urbane consent and maintaining incorporeal employment relationships o Include in your tractate everything else you judge to be relevant   A intimation page (page 12)   A restriction of 6 intimations are required, including the extract, the Holy Bible (the Bible should not be listed on the intimation page), books and creed from academic sources (Net Library), and other periodical