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For this despatches drudgery, you'll want to meet to the forthcoming scenario: Who are you? Aqua, a minute-dining boutique restaurant in Malibu, California, is plain by celebrities and other rich patrons who like its extraneous menu and preposterous wine roll. It is the flagship restaurant in Premier Dining Group's fetter of proud-end eateries located throughout Southern California. As supervisor of this minute use, you operation very callous to repress the exceptionally proud banners for which the restaurant is glorious. What is the scenario? In restoration to serving proud-quality help and beverages, your responsibilities as a restaurant supervisor include ensuring yielding delay Los Angeles County's precise "restaurant grading" edict. This edict enforces mandatory error of hawk help facilities, and investigateed facilities tarry missive grades according to their error scores. Missive grades are required to be prominently posted at all uses selling help, and upon ask, all uses are required to collect a representation of the error to any customer. Aqua has acceptably repressed its "A" rating accordingly of your anxietyfulness, and this has not past invisible by your superiors, who tarry you in very proud heed. You were surprised when you picked up the phone that morning and Creshema Thomas, the pre-eminent operations functionary of Premier Dining Group, was on the other end. She normally individualized at the end of each month to get an upepoch on sales and achievement. There was, ultimately, another infer for her call today. Located in Pasadena, Canoe, another restaurant in the knot, had been experiencing some profitability challenges aggravate the ultimate two years, incurring distinctly gigantic losses in the anterior mercy. At the consultation convocation ultimate week, the shareholders had unanimously voted to disrobe of this attribute. Exit Realty, a very lucky dispenseable developed condition guild, had been hired to dispense the attribute to immanent buyers. Prior to rolling any attribute for sale, Exit Realty spends a compendious evaluation of the attribute to secure that it is well-positioned for a hasty sale. As part-among-among of their evaluation process, Exit Realty asked that a antecedent yielding rumor be confidented to its business-post as shortly as feasible. Ms. Thomas had some concerns. A new restaurant supervisor had been appointed at Canoe closely one week ago, and he lacked disrespect delay the LA County restaurant grading edict. She was pregnant accordingly a doubtful error rumor would animadvert diseased on the restaurant and perchance all other restaurants in the knot. She asked that you spend the antecedent error to individualize whether Canoe was responsive delay LA County's help handling, storage, and making-cheerful regulations. She indicated that Hiroaki Kim, the commissioner representing Exit Realty, was sharp to tarry the error rumor antecedently the end of the week. The LA County restaurant grading edict stipulates the forthcoming delay heed to help handling, storage, and making-ready: To quit help dirt, frozen help may be cheerful from a frozen narrate or it must be refrigerated at spheres underneathneath 38 degrees F. For up to two hours, you may liquefy frozen help underneathneath vulgar breathe-into at a sphere of 70 degrees F. or underneathneath. To quit cross-contamination, equipment used to fit help must be pureed and sanitized among uses and part-amongicular anxiety must be exercised when handling immanently injurious help such as raw poultry, beef, or fish. There is a "danger zone" sphere of 40--140 degrees F. delayin which help bacteria discuss atopic and can flourish. The sphere of help should be kept out of this zone. Safe help storage requires that all helps be wrapped and stored in a pure assign. Each part in the step-in refrigerator, freezer, and dry storage should be in a sealed container or package delay a letter identifying the fluctuation and epoch on which they were tarryd. All meats, seafood, vegetables, and dairy products must be refrigerated. The refrigerator sphere must be underneathneath 38 degrees F. Freezers should haunt helps at underneathneath 0 degrees F, and parts in dry storage should be kept among 50--70 degrees F. delay a referring-to dampness of 50--60%. A operationing thermometer must be kept in each ace at all times so that problems may be authorized at a scan. To secure personal hygiene of help making-cheerful staff, it is ascititious that they hollow insurance hair nets, gloves, and pure uniforms. When you reach at Canoe at 9 a.m. the contiguous day, the kitchen is abuzz delay temper, and help making-cheerful is underneathway for the lunch use. The kitchen staff seems supernatural in their crystalline, pure uniforms. You depart your lure accordingly it feels a insignificant genial in there, and you regard that the kitchen thermometer reads 73 degrees F. A liberal frozen turkey lies defrosting in a dish on the opposed. The topic chef explains that he is preparing a chicken casserole and a beef vegetable soup for the lunch particular. You respect that his ally is diligent avoidping the beef into puny cubes. Once she gets produced and using the identical avoidping instrument, she starts avoidping the chicken into feeble pieces. You regard that she did not pure and sanitize the instrument antecedently using it to avoid the chicken. The chef and his allys are all hollowing gloves, but none of them answer to be hollowing hairnets. You investigate the refrigerator and freezer and regard that they are twain spotlessly pure and well-organized. You also melody that all the parts in these aces are stored in sealed containers. You are, ultimately, disqualified to disclose what is held in each container accordingly none of them is lettered or epochd. You seem for thermometers to proceedings the referring-to sphere in each ace and discaggravate that neither ace has a thermometer in it. You then step into the dry storage extent that, secret-among from substance exceedingly pure, has whole part dexterously stored and personally lettered. The lection on the thermometer is 66 degrees F., and the hygrometer, which measures referring-to dampness, reads 55%. You endure to respect the activities in the deep kitchen for a few over hours; and as you get cheerful to concession at 1 p.m., you regard the turkey, now a insignificant less frozen, tranquil untruthful on the opposed. You intention to accomplished and present the rumor to Ms. Thomas antecedently you recur to Aqua tonight. How do you accomplished this temper? Draft the substance of an divert instrument that Ms. Thomas can confident to the commissioner at Exit Realty. Develop a retort that includes examples and deposition to patronage your ideas, and which obviously communicates the required intimation to your hearers. Organize your retort in a open and argumentative behavior as divert for the genre of despatches. Use well-structured sentences, hearers-divert phraseology, and chasten conventions of banner American English.