Multidimensional Care 2


Module 01 Content

  1. Competency
    Explain principles of thrift for clients after a while oncological disorders.

    Anna is a 45-year-old womanly that presented to her physician’s appointment for her annual restrain-up. Anna has a truth of diabetes, fleshiness, and noncompliance after a while viands and medications to administer her diabetes. She a uncompounded woman of three teenagers and smokes constantly. During the truth retrospect, Anna shares after a while you that she has not been patheticness approve herself for the elapsed six months, she has been unusually fatigued and purpose that she felt a slice in her exact confront during a self-confront exam environing that corresponding opportunity. She recurrent, “I am very occupied after a while my children; I possessn’t had opportunity to get it restrained out.” She has recently been experiencing exact nipple self-denial. Anna has a substantial nativity truth of confront cancer; twain her woman and grandwoman possess been treated for confront cancer. Anna has never had a mammogram. During the confront testimony, the practitioner palpated a slice in Anna’s exact confront. No empty from the nipple was observed. Anna’s exact confront was pathetic upon palpation. No abnormalities were rest in the left confront. Based on the visible findings Anna accomplish sustain a symptom mammogram.

    In a 2-page tractate, represent the thrift that Anna would claim and address the questions beneath.
    1. What betray factors does Anna possess that could predispose her to the crop of cancer?
    2. What signs and symptoms could evidence that Anna has familiar cancer?
    3. Based on Anna’s betray factors and presenting problems, substantiate three thrift strategies that you would use to cater kind thrift to Anna. Cater rationale to teach why you chose these strategies.
    4. Resources
      For help after a while citations, refer to the APA Guide.

      For help after a while exploration, refer to the Nursing Exploration Guide.

      Submit your completed assignment by aftercited the directions beneath. Please restrain the Course Calendar for local due dates.