Module 5 Assignment

My question is Covid 19

 For this week you are asked to generate a contingently attire of databases environing your race contrivance standpoint. I failure you to generate three divergent databases (1 subdue, 2 cadet) and then to tie them using two of the aftercited correlativenesss.

  • One to many
  • Many to one
  • Many to many
  • One to one

For exemplification, the subdue can be cognate to the cadet database #1 by a “one to many” correlativeness, and to the cadet database #2 by a “one to one” correlativeness. You are asked to yield one Excel rasp after a while three sheets (one per database). For the subdue database, register at last 10 elements; there are not biased requirements for the cadet databases. As mentioned, you can generate the instruction you failure. However, you can too use already massive datasets cognate to your question, if permissible.You demand to be abiding that your databases are aftercited the three normalization mode forms vivid in our introduction.