Posted: October 27th, 2022

Module 2: Healthy Babies & Toddler Discussion

Module 2: Healthy Babies & Toddler Discussion

Purpose: In this discussion, you will get practice applying what you are learning about human development by discussing how it could inform improvements to society.

Initial post: Read & respond to the prompt on the Padlet below 6-7 lines.

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Module 2: Healthy Babies & Toddler Discussion
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1) Prenatal Period: Baby’s Development

2) Physical Development: Infancy (0-12 months)

Reply posts: Come back after a couple of days to see what ideas your classmates have. Respond to at least two different posts in 3-4 lines. Remember, these replies should add something new to the discussion. For example, consider expanding on the original idea or asking a question about the proposed change.

No research – own idea, thought.

1) Prenatal Period: Baby’s Development



I think that there should be harsher punishments for mothers who expose their unborn babies to teratogens. It seems like a lot of the time mothers just get a slap on the wrist. It would be nice to see some type of law that requires pregnant women to get drug tested. If they are positive, they should have to spend the remainder of their pregnancy in a facility that prevents them from engaging in harmful behavior. This may seem harsh, but so is harming an unborn innocent child! 
If we implemented some kind of laws we would see a decrease in children born with abnormalities. This would help us have healthier communities and we would spend less money on potentially preventable diseases within our healthcare sector. 
-Hope Woods


I think it should be really important to educate women on what happens during the baby’s development. Especially with teratogens, I agree with the first post and that there should be some type of punishment to mothers who harm there baby’s while in the womb. Educating them on these effects could save life’s. Educating women on how there baby develops is important too. It is important for them to know what is happening within their body and their future child. Education is the key to healthier children.   
-Tait Harvey

2) Physical Development: Infancy (0-12 months)


Maternity Leave for the Mother

In the US they give mothers about 12 weeks of maternity leave from work. I think that the mother should be able to go back to work whenever she is ready. The mothers body also needs to heal while she is learning how to take care of her new baby. If the mother was to return to work when she is ready that would create more time for the mother to work with their child on developments such as holding their own bottle, sitting up, and laying on their stomach. This would also allow time for the mother to find a babysitter who their child is comfortable with so there is no separation anxiety. 
-Maddie Egner

Environmental Changes

After giving birth, there are those scenarios where the mom and dad have to worry about transporting their children because of weather. During the first couple of months of the baby being outside the womb, it is continuously adjusting to the world around it in relation to breathing. There have been cases and times in history where infants have died by hundreds and even thousands because of the lack of knowledge when in drastic areas of the world with environmental shifts. For example, babies catching pneumonia, getting overheated, etc. because of the parents not knowing or understanding how to keep the babies temperature in the normal 97 to 100 range. So, my proposal is to teach parents on how to shelter their infants for certain weather conditions so that the child easily adapts to it.
-Taylor Page

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